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Friday, July 14, 2000


What a parade! Horses, the Hearse, Bikes and Floats

Grand Marshal Dave Toher led the parade on his festively decorated horse, Ik, followed by the Carlisle Hearse. The only "hitch" in this year's parade was when the horses became "unhitched" from the hearse at the circle, and that took but a minute to slide back together.

The Boy Scouts stepped out as a snappy color guard, with the Minutemen, captained by Parkman Howe, keeping time behind them.

The Honored Citizens, Kate and Marshall Simons in Dick Well's Stanley Steamer were followed by the Conservationist of the Year, Seba Gaines in Lauren Bakewell's snazzy new (to her) 1980 Porsche 911.

Past Honored Citizens included Phyllis Hughes painting her way through the parade on Jack O'Connor's truck driven by Jen Bush (Jack was over on the tractor pulling the Mosquito float), and Ken and Marilyn Harte in John Debruzzi's convertible.

Linda Myers-Tierney escorted Ed Lemire, Carlisle's oldest World War II veteran. Judy Pettit's Mercedes conveyed Inga MacRae, resident and active community member since 1917.

A lush collection of antique cars were joined by the Kessel's electric car, two groovy VW bugs, and Ron Kmiec's muscle car. Kmiec was so busy running the road race and receiving and presenting awards that he literally ran to the school parking lot, jumped in his 1969 Camaro SS 396 with 425 horse power under the hood and tagged along (slowly) at the end of the parade. What a trouper!

Tops among the walking groups were the Carlisle Girl Scouts ("Girl Scouts on the Go!") and the Community Chest crew, large and small. The Brophy's walking trees (Carlisle Tall Pines: Conservation and Preservation) were a hoot.

Tractors, backhoes and floats

Carlisle Recreation Commission's giant bubble machine (a pickup truck swathed in bubble wrap and spouting bubbles) and the Mosquito's "We're Read All Over" float were wonderful and showed a lot of effort.

Trade Secret Gardens' float followed the parade theme of "Windows on the Past; View into the Future." Celebrating Carlisle's horticulture past and present, one side of the float featured antique farm implements while the other was awash in flowers, the farm's current stock in trade. Trade Secret Gardens is located at the old Blood homestead, which has been in cultivation for over 300 years. The live turkey that was to have ridden on the float chose to exit before reaching town.

The Erickson truck hosted horseback-riding students, tossing out candy, hats and frisbies.

The whole fleet of fire trucks and fire fighters turned out. That's not a small feat; they were in the last stages of prep-work for the dinner party to end all dinner partiesthe chicken barbecue.

The "least-likely-to-run-over-small-children" awards goes to Bill Cooney (blue VW Bug) and Deb Toher (black El Camino), who accepted the significant responsibility of shepherding the walking groups and bikes respectively. The "best-able-to-escort-Honored-Citizen's-into-cars-and-get-the-parade-moving" award goes to Kate Bauer Burke who ably assisted at the green. The "most forgetful" award goes to the parade chair, who was having such a good time that she forget to write down all the parade entries and apologizes to any participants not included herein.

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