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Friday, July 14, 2000


Septic system plans submitted for Great Brook

Engineer Gary Shepherd of David Ross Engineering presented the Great Brook Estates subdivision plan to the board of health at the June 27 meeting. The property is located off Rutland Street. Shepherd began by explaining that the 28-acre plot includes a popular horse trail. The owners, Ira Gould and Betsy Goldenberg, and the planning board had all agreed that it would be nice to create a conservation cluster and preserve the trail.

Shepherd explained that the planning board had, in one evening, approved the subdivision plans with its road and then approved the conservation cluster and the common driveway to serve the conservation cluster lots.

The conservation cluster reconfigures the lots for two acres instead of the four-acre pork chop lots initially shown, leaving 5.7 acres of open space to protect the horse trail and adding a bonus lot as permitted, bringing the total development to ten house lots (four subdivision lots and six conservation cluster lots). The initial subdivision plans had placed the houses and septic systems so that they could be adjusted to satisfy either the subdivision design or the conservation cluster. An existing house on one of the lots passed a Title 5 inspection but now had a lot line drawn through the existing septic system. The engineers had intended to abandon this system and create a new one, but instead managed to re-arrange the other lot lines so that the existing system is entirely on the lot with the existing house, leaving the design of the new system for reserve, in case the present system failed.

Although town consulting engineer Rob Frado had reviewed the initial subdivision plans, the overall conservation cluster plan had not been submitted to the board of health. However, septic system plans for the individual lots had been given to the board. Since there is more information on the individual plans, the board will not require the developer to submit an overall plan. Frado will now review the individual plans. It is unusual for a proposed subdivision to come for initial approval with the septic system plans all complete, as in this case.

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