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Friday, July 14, 2000


Gleason Library staff prepares new facility

The return of books and other materials to the newly-renovated Gleason Library is nearing completion, and the job of setting up the new facility for efficient patron service is well underway. While all of the books have now been transferred back, those that have been circulating for the past year must now be interfiled with books that were stored for a year in the trailers. Volunteers will be sought to help integrate these two collections. (See notice on page 20)

While workmen continue to put the finishing touches on the interior, the staff is busy setting up service desks, storage space and staff work areas. The grandfather (tall case) clocks will be returned to their permanent locations and new furnishings should be arriving soon. A new telephone system will be installed and the staff trained in its use. They must also become familiar with the new building systemsheating, cooling, electric, security. Both new and old computers must be reconnected. Finally, the premises will be given a thorough cleaning before the library can open.

Like other area libraries that have completed building projects in the past year, the Gleason Library is unable to reopen until all contractor work is complete and the library receives a certificate of occupancy; neighboring libraries in Billerica were closed for seven weeks while they moved their intact library next door from their former building, and Chelmsford was closed for eleven weeks. The Gleason Library staff regrets the necessity of being closed to the public during the summer months and is determined to make that period as brief as possible.

Watch for the library's sandwich board on Bedford Road as a signal to come visit the "new" Gleason Public Library.

Ellen Rauch is the director of the Gleason Public Library.

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