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Friday, July 14, 2000


Shorts from the selectmen

· 7 School Street approved. The operation of a real estate office at 7 School Street was approved with ten conditions to ensure adequate screening, parking, and septic system.

· Carriage Way. In response to the objections voiced by fire chief Bob Koning, developer Bill Costello returned to the planning board with a plan to double the size of the cistern, to 40,000 gallons, for the proposed Carriage Way development. The cistern would use the same pump and electrical system as originally planned. Town administrator Madonna McKenzie reported that Koning "looked at the plan and said it looks like it will work."

· Bike and pedestrian safety committee. Selectman Vivan Chaput reported that 16 people attended the recent bike and pedestrian safety committee meeting. About a dozen were there to lobby for an "East Street extension" to the proposed school loop. "There seems to be a great deal of enthusiasm for this," she added.

Several selectmen had been contacted by an opponent of the plan regarding the process for getting it approved. There was agreement that a review of the master plan for the school loop would be useful before a feasibility study is undertaken by the committee. "It's time to review their assumptions and get some feedback from the town," said selectman Michael Fitzgerald. "We need to think about balancing priorities; given the cost of maintaining the roads we have, can we afford to take on new?" Selectman Doug Stevenson added that he has heard from townspeople with concerns regarding pathways. The committee will be invited to make a presentation to the selectmen in September.

· Computer network needs server. McKenzie reported that the town's computer network is not functioning and has reached a crisis such that a number of employees cannot get their work done. An outside company using a "sniffer" determined that the addition of a server would solve the problem. McKenzie will coordinate the purchase and installation of a new server.

· Budget overages. McKenzie is concerned that there are major budget overages. Overruns of $15,000 in the fire department budget occurred due to more calls than expected, a service call on a fire truck and a repair to the station door. She is looking into the advisability of continuing fees to town counsel of $3,000 per month. Revolving funds belonging to various committees will also be examined for remaining funds. The delinquent tax list is also being reduced.

· New tax collector/treasurer. A committee, including McKenzie, selectman Carol Peters, personnel board member Mary Charnley and finance committee member Tony Allison, has advertised the tax collector/treasurer positions and received six applications. Preliminary interviews will begin soon and the committee will recommend finalists to the selectmen who hope to conduct final interviews by the end of July.

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