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Friday, July 14, 2000


A changing of the guard on town committees

At their meeting on June 27, the selectmen reappointed a number of committee members, appointed some new volunteers and noted a number of vacancies.


The resume of Christine Gaulden was distributed and she was appointed to an opening on the conservation commission. (See story on page 5)

The other three-year appointments included:

Deborah Boule, board of registrars

Ellen Miller, cable communications

Carolyn Kiely, conservation commission

Wayne Davis and Thomas Brownrigg, conservation restriction advisory committee

Jeanne Rourke, Judy Larson, Ruth Reeder, Verna Gilbert, council on aging

Bonnie Miskolczy, cultural council

David Trask, John Nock and Lawrence Barton, finance committee

Bob Wallhagen, household waste committee

Leonard Johnson, long-term capital requirements committee

Mary Charnley, personnel board

Mark Spears, recreation commission

Vivian Chaput, representative to Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Ed Sonn, town building committee

Janet Hentschel, Judy Lane and Verna Gilbert, trails committee

Lynne Carpenito, Terri Chapman, Kathryn Dennison, youth commission

Terry Herndon, board of appeals

Hal Sauer, board of appeals associate

Since some of the salary information was not available, a second meeting was scheduled for approval of salaried positions.


A letter of resignation from Laura Semrad, who is leaving the board of health, was distributed. The selectmen reviewed an advertisement for this position which was run in the Mosquito.

In addition, a number of openings still exist on other town boards, including:

Cultural council (one vacancy)

Conservation commission (one vacancy)

Historical commission (alternate member vacancy)

Household waste committee (one vacancy)

Long-term capital requirements (one vacancy)

Personnel board (two vacancies)

SuAsCo (one alternate representative)

Town building committee (one vacancy)

Board of appeals (associate member vacancy)

Conservation restriction advisory committee (one vacancy)

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