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Friday, July 14, 2000

Move-ins make good neighbors

To the Editor:

Having moved to a sub-development in Carlisle in 1994, I am well aware of the town's feelings toward new construction. With the possible exception of the British infantry in 1776, there is not another group more unwelcome than developers and by association, the families they bring in. What seems to get lost in this quagmire of hostility is that these families are, for the most part, exactly the kind of neighbors anyone would want. Pardon my idealism, but "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" applies to all, not just to those who got here first.

As a future resident of Buttrick Woods, I would like to see the utilities brought in safely, correctly, and if possible, quickly. Period. Chair Michael Fitzgerald did not speak for me when he assumed that "buried and out-of-sight utilities" was something I would "enjoy" at the aesthetic expense of the town. Strangely, this did not seem to be an issue before now, as the wires repeatedly cross over Concord Street.

As for Mr. Ives' account of the distraught homeowner present at the meeting, how does that qualify as news fit to print? That was a callous and gratuitous attempt to liven up an article. George Bernard Shaw once said "Life could be worse—they could print the Sunday paper every day." So too the Carlisle Mosquito!

Maria Balboni
Bedford Road

Fees are unjust

To the Editor:

I am a student entering the eighth grade at the Carlisle School, and I am writing in regards to the new bus fee and user fees. I feel that instituting a fee for people who want transportation to school is a wrong turn. By adding a fee for people to ride the bus, the buses are going to attract fewer people, and soon, the school and the administration will be back to where they started. I know that in the fall, if there is a user fee for extracurricular activities such as yearbook committee, math league, the band and student council, fewer people will participate. I know that most people join the math league to raise their math average, and to polish their skills in math. The school needs to keep it real. Would you really want to pay twenty-five dollars to do math problems? When I was in the sixth grade, I ran for the homeroom representative in the student council. I was so excited to be elected, and so is everyone elected to represent their homeroom in a student-run government. Student council takes place during the sixth, seventh, and eighth grader's lunch and recess period. To pay $25 to miss lunch and recess for a meeting is ridiculous. The yearbook committee is doing a good deed for the school! The band is great!! Who is going to want to pay to participate in these activities? I know that the school means well, and they do need to keep these things in consideration, but they also need to keep these things in perspective.

John Kilfoyle
West Street

OHD gratitude

To the Editor:

I would like to publicly thank all those who worked so hard to make this year's Old Home Day a success! To each member of the Old Home Day Committee: a big THANK YOU! Each one of you went off and did your jobs efficiently; the day went off without a hitch. A special thank you to some of the behind the scenes people: The First Religious Society for the use of the building, tables and chairs; St. Irene Church for the use of the tables; Phyllis Hughes for the use of her tables during a time of panic; Charlie Forsberg for allowing us to borrow tables from the Sleeper Room; David Flannery for the use of the school, as well as for going above and beyond by filling the fire department's pumper truck with water from the school to fill the dunking booth; Jic Davis for once again loaning us his sound system; Gary Davis and the DPW crew who set up and took down much of the OHD facilities without fail and always with a smile; The Carlisle Police force who gave their time for our safety and who ran the Radar Speed Pitch; Mike Kimball for donating the ice cream gift certificates as prizes for the Corn Husking Contest; The Carlisle Fire Department for another fine chicken BBQ; the Duffy Family for their ice cream and their help; The Carlisle Mosquito for all the coverage they gave us during the months before the day; Donna Cantrill for guiding me through my first time chairing Old Home Day; Judy Larson for her support and faith in me; and Bob Orlando, whose sense of humor kept me going! I appreciate the dedication of all who volunteered their time and creativity, and especially all of you for coming out to share the day!

With thanks,
Susan J. Evans
Old Home Day chairperson

Thanks for the cakes

To the Editor:

Thank you to all the wonderful people who baked cakes for the cake walk. The cake walk was a huge success with more cakes than ever this year! We are so lucky to live in a town such as Carlisle where people are more than willing to participate.

Many thanks!

Donna and Newell Cantrill
Bob and Beth Clark
Cake walk chairpeople

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