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Friday, June 30, 2000


Did you ever have something that just drives you crazy? Sometimes it's not even a long trip. In my case, my skin just crawls when I hear people say, "John and me went to the store." Now these same grown-ups, somewhat educated people, would never say, "Me went to the store." Somehow, the word and makes the use of the word me acceptable. Now we've all been saying, "It's me," for a long time and some of us have actually uttered the words, "It is I," but that's only when we are trying to impress someone. But to say "Me and John," that's too much for me. Actually, it's too much me as well. ...more

· Brendan McAndrew of Nickles Lane graduated on June 4 from Lehigh University with a bachelor of science in computer science from the School of Engineering. He has accepted a position with the MediVision division of Stratec Medical in Bern, Switzerland, starting in July. ...more

Carlisle is the setting for a new mystery novel and the town is all there, complete with a sandwich from Daisy's and a great deal of skiing in an abundantly snowy state park. Coup de Grace, by J.S. Borthwick, published by St. Martin's Minotaur, is the name of the book and it is available in bookstores now. The Gleason Library has it on order, so you can look for it there in August. ...more

Now with schools out and summer vacations about to begin, it's that time of year when most of us can plan on having more free time for recreational reading. With this in mind, the Mosquito has asked a number of teachers at the Carlisle School to help us compile a summer reading list. Here are their suggestions. They and we here at the Mosquito wish you many happy hours of reading throughout the summer months ahead. ...more

Unfortunately, reading is not something I consider fun, or would do in my spare time. What's even sadder is that I feel I am fairly representative of the attitudes and opinions of most high school students towards reading. In the minds of students, reading, and books in general, are usually limited to the classroom and are coupled with a teacher and that feeling that you "have to do it." When asked why I think the attitudes towards "pleasure reading" (an oxymoron to many high school students' ears) have so drastically changed with the times, I could not really come up with a coherent answer. After some thought, though, I believe it has to do with the extremely busy lives high school students lead today. With college admissions becoming more and more competitive, students have to cram their spare time (after-school hours, weekends and even vacations sometimes) with sports, band, clubs and other extracurricular activities, in addition to homework. With the growing expectations and amount of work, I find it understandable that the average high-school student only finds time to pick up a book by choice during school breaks. Also, with the exciting advent of the Internet and new technologies, teens today have a lot more choices of activities that they can pursue in their leisure time, such as playing video games, chatting online and watching televisionnone of which should take the place of reading. So, with all that said, here is a short list of books which hopefully some students will use as a start, end, or whatever to their reading over this summer. ...more

Surely the 200 or so of us in the pews of the Old South Meeting House would have been glad for whatever David McCullough chose to tell us. Still you can imagine our excitement when we realized it was his next book he would be sharing with us. "I've been marinating my head in the 18th centurypoetry, music, painting, writings," McCullough said, "to understand the protagonist I'm working withJohn Adams." ...more

Porch picnics and backyard barbecues are a much-loved summertime ritual. Serving a meal in an outdoor locale creates a party-like atmosphere and is an ideal way to celebrate the warm days and evenings of the summer months. Some dishes adapt better than others to a movable feast; it always makes sense to plan a menu that can be prepared in advance and doesn't need to be eaten piping hot. ...more

On a hot summer afternoon a small crowd gathered to undertake the ultimate act of optimism. They hoped to match the 1865 Carlisle town hearse to the Burnhams' horse team rigging. Would the springs spring? Would the wheels roll? Would all the bits and pieces be there? ...more

Many of us know the pleasure of discovering a previously unknown gem tucked away in what is virtually our own backyard. I have never had a reason to enter the 160-year-old Green Cemetery on Bedford Road, but on a recent tour of the newly refurbished Wilson Memorial Chapel, I felt I had found a polished and reset jewel. The sturdy, one-room brick building, which dates back to 1907, now stands ready to fulfill its original purpose: "free use of all of whatever creed and nationality." ...more

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