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Friday, June 30, 2000


Carlisle School Committee Shorts

· Staff changes. Eighth-grade teacher Michael Miller will be taking a leave of absence, fourth-grade teacher Kerri Scully has resigned and Hilary Claiborne has resigned from her position in pre-school special education, reported superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson to the school committee on June 20.

· Waters grant. The Carlisle Public School has again received an $87,000 grant from the Waters Foundation. This money has been applied to the development of technology, behavior over time graphs, computer modeling and systems thinking programs in the school.

· State reimbursement. The Carlisle Public School has received notification that Carlisle has been reimbursed $13,136 from the Division of Medical Assistance of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services for medical and social services the town is mandated to provide. The amount represents the Municipal Medicaid Administrative Activity Claims. The school budget and school personnel provide the services but the reimbursement goes into the town general fund.

· Subcommittee reports. Carlisle School Committee members reported on their committee assignments. Suzanne Whitney Smith is initiating a study of the need and location for additional school space. Following a symposium from the University of Wisconsin, David Dockterman, Fox-Melanson and a group of four teachers have continued to discuss how to assess teacher performance and what it means to be a professional teacher in Carlisle, information which will be critical before the Carlisle teacher contract negotiations. Harry Crowther and chair Paul Morrison are determining ways to provide a more defensible and clearer school budget. The entire committee discussed the concern whether the budget process should be started earlier in the year and its presentation be restructured.

· Technology gift. Paulette Tattersall and Maria Liteplo have donated technology equipment to be used by the school community. Fox-Melanson gratefully acknowledged the gift.

· School Council.The Carlisle School Committee on June 20 voted unanimously to thank the 1999/2000 Carlisle School Council for its effort and to accept its report including the School Improvement Plan.

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