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Friday, June 30, 2000


Teachers plan busy summer

Carlisle teachers have given the school committee and administration an impressive list of thirty projects which the teachers will work on during the summer. Some of the initiatives are the following:

Fifth-grade teachers Julia Hendrix, Bill Tate, Jennifer MacInnes, Jennifer Putnam and Susan Greene plan to expand the ancient civilization curriculum. Their objective this summer is to plan, organize, research and develop curriculum resources to teach about China, the Indus River, India and Mesopotamia.

Music and art teachers Catherine Pringle and Courtney Graham hope to create an integrated arts project. They will research the history of Expressionism and Impressionism as it relates to practical classroom activities of an aural and visual nature.

Kindergarten teachers Karen Morse, Miriam Chandler and Peter Darasz will review the Massachusetts frameworks for kindergarten and revise the present kindergarten parent booklet.

Third-grade teachers Liz Gray, Gene Stamell, Margaret Bruell and Jennifer Johnson will develop a more consistent spelling program and create a set of word lists for all third graders.

A timeline project will be designed by three teachers, Jane Herrmann, David Zuckerman and Bill Gale, and will involve the entire school. The culmination of the project will be illustrated by a mural placed around the wall of a school room. These teachers will also discuss having a geography bee and plan a "History Day" celebration.

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