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Friday, June 30, 2000

Send the Senate a message

To the Editor:

That the House of Representatives passed the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA) is news that should be of interest to all Massachusetts residents. Our representative, Marty Meehan, was a strong supporter and a co-sponsor of the bill. This historic legislation, after approval by the Senate, will provide monies for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which in the past has been a major benefit for preserving conservation land in Carlisle. In 1968 we received $84,270 for the Towle property (now the Towle Conservation Land), in 1971 $50,312 for Foss Farm, and in 1973, $192,600 for the Greenough Estate acquisition. Funding estimates for LWCF for Masschusetts for an upcoming year (if passed) is close to $17 million.

The LWCF was originally developed to counterbalance the environmental degradation caused by offshore oil drilling. Taxes from that drilling were to provide a return to the whole country through the preservation of large and small open spaces. Unfortunately, in the late eighties, these funds got lost in the general budget. CARA was created to restore the original promise of providing funds to respond to new land use pressures. Also the new act (CARA) is scheduled to have monies allotted for other categories including coastal conservation, historic preservation, and wildlife conservation to name three.

I am sure our senators will be very supportive of this cause. However, letting them know that we want to see passage of CARA this year will help obtain top priority for this effort. The Senate has many issues on the docket these days. Let us make sure our senators know that CARA is important to us.

Dave Comstock
Pine Brook Road

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