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Friday, June 30, 2000

Many of us know the pleasure of discovering a previously unknown gem tucked away in what is virtually our own backyard. I have never had a reason to enter the 160-year-old Green Cemetery on Bedford Road, but on a recent tour of the newly refurbished Wilson Memorial Chapel, I felt I had found a polished and reset jewel. The sturdy, one-room brick building, which dates back to 1907, now stands ready to fulfill its original purpose: "free use of all of whatever creed and nationality." ...more

The Carlisle Conservation Commission on June 22 heard a fairly reassuring description of the planned cleanup of recently discovered water contamination at 106 Concord Street. The Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) ordered a 21E site assessment after new owners Bronnie and Christoph Karpeter reported the presence of small amounts of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) in their well and subsequently summoned conservation administrator Sylvia Willard and BOH agent Linda Fantasia to inspect a possible source of the contamination. ...more

Starting in September, kindergartners at the Carlisle Public School will extend their hours from five mornings to two full days and three mornings. Since there is no money in the school budget for the additional teaching hours, fees will be charged to cover the cost. Although not yet finally determined, the proposed fee is expected to be approximately $90 per child to cover the year's expenses of about $8,000 for the additional hours.The state permits fees to be charged because parents are not required to send children to kindergarten. ...more

"We made this deal with the town," said school committee chair Paul Morrison, but it was still with uneasiness that the Carlisle School Committee voted to institute fees for use of the school bus and participation in certain extracurricular school activities. While superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson feared the effects of the new policy by commenting, "Some of the activities won't run," committee member Suzanne Whitney Smith agreed with Morrison. "We must focus on the obligation we have made to the town." ...more

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