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Friday, June 30, 2000


School committee adopts bus, activity and increased user fees

"We made this deal with the town," said school committee chair Paul Morrison, but it was still with uneasiness that the Carlisle School Committee voted to institute fees for use of the school bus and participation in certain extracurricular school activities. While superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson feared the effects of the new policy by commenting, "Some of the activities won't run," committee member Suzanne Whitney Smith agreed with Morrison. "We must focus on the obligation we have made to the town."

A letter to Carlisle School parents from Principal Andy Goyer to be mailed this summer states, "The Carlisle School Committee, with the support of the administration, made the commitment to maintain a level service budget even though the town's fiscal support came short of the level service amount by approximately $58,000. One of the revenue enhancements or the means to raise the difference is the institution of a $50 per pupil bus fee for all students living within two miles of the school and all students in grades seven and eight."

Children will need to obtain a bus pass which will be passed out the first day of school in the fall. If there are questions about eligibility relative to distance from the school or financial need, parents are urged to call the school telephone number, 369-6550.

Parents will also receive a letter from Goyer notifying them of fees for school activities considered "outside the educational program" such as math league, junior and senior band, student council, yearbook and intramural sports. The school will be asking for $25 per pupil per activity, with a cap of $500 for a family.

School facility user fees have also increased for local nonprofit organizations. Groups will be charged $30 per hour for the auditorium with stage lights, $20 per hour for the gymnasium, $20 per hour for the dining room, $20 per hour for the kitchen, $10 per hour for a classroom, and $15 per hour for the music room, exercise room or library.

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