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Friday, June 23, 2000


Certified public accountant Tim Craven presented the results of his annual audit to the board of selectmen at their June 13 meeting. "Everything is in order," he observed. "Nothing was missing. All employees were cooperative." There were, however, several issues that warrant town management's attention. ...more

The planning board was caught between the fire chief and a hard place at their meeting on June 12 and voted 4-0 to reopen the public hearing on Carriage Way on July 17. Specifically, fire chief Bob Koning was not happy about the board's decision to let developer Bill Costello install only one fire cistern on the ten-lot subdivision off East Riding Drive known as Carriage Way. Koning originally asked for two fire cisterns for the subdivision, but he wasn't there to defend his position at the May 8 meeting when the planning board decided that one was adequate and voted 7-0 to approve the long-debated project. ...more

It all started at a planning board meeting back on January 10. Someone reported that a telephone pole had materialized at the entrance to the Buttrick Woods subdivision on Concord Street. Since the plans approved by the planning board clearly state that all utilities within the development must be buried, this understandably raised a few eyebrows. The developer chose not to dig up newly paved Concord Street, but decided to string power lines over the road. Once they reach the pole in question, power lines will be routed underground and buried throughout the development. Unfortunately, the pole is located 18 feet inside the development, thus violating the buried utilities mandate. Consequently, no wires were installed and Buttrick Woods has been operating on generator power while the new homes are constructed. ...more

This spring as you drove by the Banta-Davis playing fields, many of you may have noticed some activity on the fields. The recreation commission was pleased to allow Concord-Carlisle Youth Baseball and Softball to use the new playing fields on a limited basis for games only. The RecCom's decision to limit use of the fields was based primarily on the condition of the fields and the successful completion of the contract with Littleton Environmental. ...more

The dispute between Walter Flannery and the McCormicks has flared up again. The board voted last January 11 that the path running from land owned by Flannery on Baldwin Road, over the Carr conservation land, and near land owned by Bill and Margie McCormick to Bellows Hill Road is not a town road. The conservation commission subsequently declared that vehicles may not be driven over the conservation land. The McCormicks believe there is no basis for the claim that there is a public road over their property and that they are tired of being harassed. Flannery, on the other hand, doggedly maintains that he has the right of passage over the road and persists in keeping the path open as a right of way. ...more

The Carlisle Finance Committee at its June 14 meeting elected Simon Platt as the new FinCom chair for the coming year. Tony Allison, last year's chair, will serve as vice-chair. The remaining members are Charles Parker III and David Ives. There are presently three open positions in the seven-member committee and a search is underway for qualified candidates. Interested residents should send a letter to the board of selectmen or call interim town administrator Madonna McKenzie at 371-6688. ...more

On Saturday, June 17, the Gleason Public Library closed its doors at 872 Westford Streeta location that has served as its temporary home for over a year. During the next few weeks, the staff will complete the packing of books, desks, filing cabinets, and office supplies that were used at the temporary site. These materials, along with the contents of the three tractor trailers, housing much of the library's collection of older fiction and nonfiction, will then be transported to the new Gleason Library. ...more

On June 13, the board of health held a continued public hearing for the Karpeter family of 206 Concord Street. There were three issues on the table: the relocation of their well, remediation of miscellaneous debris on their property and discussion of design approaches for a new septic system. ...more

The stakes continue to rise in the Berry Corner Lane legal muddle. As the Mosquito goes to press Michael and David Valchuis have two separate suits pending against the town, one for actions of the planning board and the other for decisions of the Carlisle Conservation Commission. For their part, four homeowners along the disputed private way have filed a Request for an Adjudicatory Hearing relative to a state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) order that reversed a ConsCom denial of a Valchuis application to improve the lane. ...more

Introduction to Java Programming, Exploring the International Business World, Shakespeare in Films, and AeronauticsBuilding a Model Airplane; these are a few of the classes Concord-Carlisle High School students took this year through the Virtual High School (VHS), a group of courses offered over the Internet. ...more

After finishing in second place the last two years the Carlisle Middle School baseball team is once again on top in the Nashoba Valley League. They will share the championship with Shirley; each team compiling 12-1 records, while splitting their home and away series. This title is the 7th for the Huskies in the last nine years with a combined record for those nine seasons a remarkable 102 wins and 11 loses. ...more

This year's Carlisle Middle School softball team had another victorious season and was again the league champion. With the return of eight players, we had a solid foundation for the team. The Huskies had great improvement and each game we beat ourselves and learned from our errors. Our record was ten wins, one loss, and one tie. Our unfortunate loss was to Notre Dame in the second extra inning, but the second time we played them we came out strong and won 5—1. The team greatly appreciated the hard work from everyone in games like these. ...more

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