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Friday, June 23, 2000


Middle School Softball

This year's Carlisle Middle School softball team had another victorious season and was again the league champion. With the return of eight players, we had a solid foundation for the team. The Huskies had great improvement and each game we beat ourselves and learned from our errors. Our record was ten wins, one loss, and one tie. Our unfortunate loss was to Notre Dame in the second extra inning, but the second time we played them we came out strong and won 5—1. The team greatly appreciated the hard work from everyone in games like these.

Our team wouldn't have been the same without the excellent pitching of seventh grader Erin Daly and sixth grader Abby Rolando. Erin took Abby under her wing and taught her well, and luckily both will be returning next year to power the team. Not only was their pitching consistent, but together they scored 136 strikeouts, and did well in their other positions when they weren't on the mound.

But what is excellent pitching without great catching? Our catchers deserve every bit of credit that they get. With the loss of eighth-grader Emily Rolando early in the season, seventh-grader Katie Brown did an awesome job of learning the position and intimidating runners on third. To our great surprise though, Emily was up in top shape at the end of the season and playing as though she hadn't missed one day with the team.

To answer the question of who's on first comes the strong answer of eighth-grade co-captain Kim Anderson, eight- grader Amanda Rao, and seventh grader Sam O'Keefe. Kim proved to be a powerful asset to the team, sometimes going after crazy throws and still resulting in the out. Amanda was strong at both ends of the infield, making dependable plays at either third or first base. Sam and Amanda both did excellent jobs at third and first base, creating a powerful outer infield. Third base was also confidently covered by seventh-grader Eva Jellison, who could also pick up shortstop. The second basemen were led by eighth-grader Kristin Bergstrom, who could always be counted on to catch the amazing line drives that came her way. Seventh-grader Alison Probolus and sixth-grader Allison Stephens showed us what they were worth by picking up the many grounders that they got and making the quick throw for the out. Shortstop was played consistently by eighth-grade co-captain Joslyn Tarr, who could cover second or third base when the basemen went in for the play.

The many pop flies that went into the outfield were always covered by our excellent outfield. Our right fielders did great jobs of not only getting the balls that came to them, but also backing up first base. Both seventh-grader Allie Robbins and eighth-grader Jennie Siegel did awesome jobs of playing that position. Jennie also could confidently play left field, depending on where she was needed. Eighth-grader Vanessa Pellegrino and seventh-grader Rachael Grean did an excellent job of playing center field, and both could always be depended on to make the play. Vanessa was always there to make the catch or get the grounder. Our left field was covered by three excellent players: eighth graders Alyssa Casey and Libby Daltas and seventh-grader Nicole Koelhart who was out for the beginning of the season due to an injury. Alyssa was always there to catch the pop flies and rarely did she miss them. Libby proved to be a good investment for the team, she was always getting the grounders and making the play.

This year's softball team wouldn't have been the same without everyone who was involved. Congratulations to Kristin, Erin, Eva, and Sam who all made home runs. Thanks to our coaches Lynne Carmel and Denise Casper, and our umpires who we couldn't have played without. Our managers, Megan Gillard, Meredith Haggerty and Jen Morin were greatly appreciated. Congratulations to everyone who made this such a successful season.

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