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Friday, June 23, 2000

Following are the two student speeches chosen to be delivered at the June 16 graduation ceremonies. ...more

Certified public accountant Tim Craven presented the results of his annual audit to the board of selectmen at their June 13 meeting. "Everything is in order," he observed. "Nothing was missing. All employees were cooperative." There were, however, several issues that warrant town management's attention. ...more

The planning board was caught between the fire chief and a hard place at their meeting on June 12 and voted 4-0 to reopen the public hearing on Carriage Way on July 17. Specifically, fire chief Bob Koning was not happy about the board's decision to let developer Bill Costello install only one fire cistern on the ten-lot subdivision off East Riding Drive known as Carriage Way. Koning originally asked for two fire cisterns for the subdivision, but he wasn't there to defend his position at the May 8 meeting when the planning board decided that one was adequate and voted 7-0 to approve the long-debated project. ...more

It all started at a planning board meeting back on January 10. Someone reported that a telephone pole had materialized at the entrance to the Buttrick Woods subdivision on Concord Street. Since the plans approved by the planning board clearly state that all utilities within the development must be buried, this understandably raised a few eyebrows. The developer chose not to dig up newly paved Concord Street, but decided to string power lines over the road. Once they reach the pole in question, power lines will be routed underground and buried throughout the development. Unfortunately, the pole is located 18 feet inside the development, thus violating the buried utilities mandate. Consequently, no wires were installed and Buttrick Woods has been operating on generator power while the new homes are constructed. ...more

This spring as you drove by the Banta-Davis playing fields, many of you may have noticed some activity on the fields. The recreation commission was pleased to allow Concord-Carlisle Youth Baseball and Softball to use the new playing fields on a limited basis for games only. The RecCom's decision to limit use of the fields was based primarily on the condition of the fields and the successful completion of the contract with Littleton Environmental. ...more

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