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Friday, June 23, 2000


Banta-Davis open for limited use

This spring as you drove by the Banta-Davis playing fields, many of you may have noticed some activity on the fields. The recreation commission was pleased to allow Concord-Carlisle Youth Baseball and Softball to use the new playing fields on a limited basis for games only. The RecCom's decision to limit use of the fields was based primarily on the condition of the fields and the successful completion of the contract with Littleton Environmental.

In March, the playing fields had new grass growth and were not ready to be played on at full capacity. The RecCom decided to limit the use to encourage growth and field maturity. The grass on the soccer field is not mature enough for the rigors of games. The RecCom will determine the field readiness for the fall season at the end of the summer.

In addition, the RecCom is in the final stages of the contract with Littleton Environmental. The final items on the punch list are expected to be completed by the end of June.

This summer, the RecCom will allow Concord-Carlisle Youth Baseball to use the fields for games only. With the unprecedented growth of the youth baseball program (over 30 percent of the players are Carlisle residents), the Banta-Davis fields have provided much-needed space for the players.

The Banta-Davis fields may be used by residents by permit. The growth in the sports programs and the scheduling involved requires the fields to be reserved in advance. Associate RecCom member Terri Hoffman is responsible for scheduling both Banta-Davis and Spalding Field. This summer, Spalding is being used for the Carlisle Summer Fun Program and Soccer Camp. A portion of Spalding Field will be closed for field maintenance. Call Terri Hoffman at 369-6759 for scheduling.

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