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Friday, June 16, 2000


Concord-Carlisle High School's Memorial Field was awash in color last Saturday afternoon as a myriad of umbrellas blossomed, not to beat back the rain but to fend off the heat of a blazing sun. Not even 90 degree heat could frazzle the high spirits of the graduating class of 2000, though, as 212 students filed onto the football field, flanked on either side by members of the CCHS faculty. ...more

I have no knowledge of new curriculums for teaching math, only knowledge of an old one. I've been trying it out on my eight-year-old, just as my dad tried it out on me. It's called sports. Just about any will do. For addition and subtraction, basketball seems to provide the most opportunities. Evan and I sit watching while computing the ever-changing differences between two teams' point totals. For multiplication and division, baseball is the undisputed king, what with ERA'S, RBI'S, and the rest. But for higher math, football probably will be the preferred professor, with salary cap problems making up most of the curriculum. ...more

Another myth down the drain. Or should I say, down the picket fence? ...more

Have you seen an electric car driving around town lately? Have you been stuck behind it creeping up the hill on Lowell Street? That was me, bringing the kids home from school, or doing some other errand within a 25-mile radius of our electric outlet. ...more

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