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Friday, June 9, 2000


Concord-Carlisle High School started a new program to help students who are suspended which keeps them at school rather than sending them home. The Planning Room, supervised by a full-time school adjustment counselor, gives students a chance to develop a short-term plan for their return to classes. Dean of Students Peter Badalament explained, "The goal is to help kids get back on track. There are a lot of good kids who make one bad decision and they can benefit from the program." ...more

Papers passed at the Registry of Deeds in Lowell on June 5 confirm that Great Brook Farm State Park is eight-and-a-half acres larger, thanks to the generosity of Black Brook Farm owners Tom and Tamara Erickson. Though modest in size in a 900-acre preserve, the tract is considered very important to park integrity because it overlooks some of the most frequented and beautiful portions of the park. Its acquisition precludes development and preserves open space and vistas in the land between the two farms, as well as providing off-road trail links to park land west of Lowell Street. ...more

Five Carlisle town officials traveled to Boston May 30 to take out some water rights insurance. Although the Chelmsford Water District has withdrawn its application before the Chelmsford Conservation Commission to locate a well field in the Barnes Terrace portion of the Cranberry Bog Reservation, the wording of their communication suggested that they might renew that proposal in the future. Therefore, the Carlisle delegation decided to keep its previously scheduled appointment at the office of Secretary of Environmental Affairs Robert Durand. ...more

Acton taxpayers did not approve the $6.8 million purchase of 234 acres on the Carlisle line, and a proposed large-scale residential development for the parcel seems likely. Earlier in the spring, the Acton Town Meeting had overwhelmingly approved, 607-50, the purchase of the Robbins Mill Pond property off Carlisle Road, but at the May 16 election, with organized opposition, the debt exclusion was voted down with 1,711 in favor and 2,116 opposed. ...more

Who says that real-life drama can't unfold at a meeting of the board of health? One family will have to suffer a minor disappointment, while another is caught in a potential Carlisle homeowner's nightmarepinned between conflicting town regulations. ...more

While the contractor is finishing the renovated Gleason Library on Bedford Road, it is almost time to start packing up and getting ready for the move from the temporary quarters. The date for the last day of service at the library at the Carlisle Institute at 872 Westford Road is Saturday, June 17. The reopening date for the library at 22 Bedford Road will be determined later, as the library gets closer to being ready to welcome everyone back. ...more

Noah's Ark Nursery School will suspend operation of its preschool program due to the upcoming construction project at the Carlisle Congregational Church. The preschool will temporarily close when the school year ends in June and will not operate in Carlisle for the 2000-2001 school year. ...more

I was one of the members of Carlisle's Destination Imagination eighth-grade team who went to the world competition at Iowa State University May 24-28. The team included Stephanie Ivanov, Jessie Nock, Clare Nosowitz, Elizabeth Popolo, Sam Rolley and Vanessa the puppet. ...more

The following notes are taken from the Carlisle School newsletter, The Buzz. ...more

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