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Friday, June 9, 2000


Carlisle team rises to challenge at Destination Imagination competition

I was one of the members of Carlisle's Destination Imagination eighth-grade team who went to the world competition at Iowa State University May 24-28. The team included Stephanie Ivanov, Jessie Nock, Clare Nosowitz, Elizabeth Popolo, Sam Rolley and Vanessa the puppet.

We survived the regional and state competition by placing first both times. The next step towards going to worlds was to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to catch a flight. This was not easy and it was our first problem to solve. We managed to get to Iowa after traveling on two airplanes and a bus. We went to Opening Ceremonies that night. A representative from all the teams from different countries and states marched in. It was great to attend the ceremonies because there was a light show and indoor fireworks. It was amazing to see how many states were competing.

The next day, we encountered another obstacle: fixing the props that had been shipped from Massachusetts on a large truck. Luckily, the props were not damaged in any way, and getting them ready only took two hours. After this task, we were free for the rest of the day to trade pins, watch other teams compete and sightsee. We had bought pins representing Massachusetts and we traded them for pins of other states. This way, we could meet other children easily without being shy.

The next day, we performed at 8 a.m. We put the eggs through the obstacles without breaking any of them and we used the item the judges gave us to incorporate into our skit with flying colors. We performed with ease. The judges were nice and encouraging and made us feel less worried. The next day, we performed the second portion of our challenge. We had to solve a problem we had never encountered before. The judges were kind and made us laugh. That night, we went to Closing Ceremonies. This was fun because there was a light show and clips from all the different problems everyone had to solve. The next morning, we packed and went back to Boston.

I loved going on this trip because the people who created Destination Imagination made worlds especially fun to celebrate and showcase what we had worked on all year. I realized that the main reason for participating in this program was to have fun while solving a problem and learning skills with a team. Thanks to everyone who bought baked goods and supported us. We made it to the world competition and placed fifth in the whole world with a lot of help from you.

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