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Friday, June 2, 2000

Jonathan Saphier, Vietnam veteran and former member of the Intelligence Service, gave a moving address at the May 29 Memorial Day service in Corey Auditorium. Introduced by selectman John Ballantine as a strong, caring and passionate person, Saphier explained how his war experience caused him to change careers from journalist to educator. He detailed several vignettes from his service experience, which included acts of kindness and courage, as well as examples of the "paradoxes of war." ...more

The Carlisle Extended Day Program moved to its new, permanent home at 142 East Street, the former home and office of pediatrician Dr. Ron Schneebaum, on May 1. Last year, the nonprofit group took out a mortgage to purchase the property for its after-school programs and since then has extensively remodeled the interior to accommodate children in grades K-6. ...more

The pedestrian and bike safety committee recommended a new surface for town pathways and selectmen were willing to give it a try -- at least on a short pathway to the toddler playground. ...more

The resignation of a valued Carlisle employee, a sad event in most respects, does have a bright side from the viewpoint of a political reporter. It presents a unique opportunity to pose some difficult questions without placing the interviewee in an awkward position. ...more

The Concord and Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committees are drafting a resolution stating their position on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests to the state Department of Education. At a joint meeting of the RSC and the Carlisle School Committee at the Carlisle School library on May 23, Carlisle member Cindy Nock said constructive criticism of the tests is needed, "We want education reform to be a success. A lot of people believe it is on its way to failure." Nock handed out a draft of a resolution that supports the goals of education reform and high academic standards, but also asks the state to reconsider and re-examine some of the more controversial aspects of the tests. ...more

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