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Friday, May 19, 2000


Selectmen send message of waste reduction to governor

Carlisle joined with 47 cities and towns across the state to adopt resolutions to increase waste reduction and recycling. A Waste Reduction Resolution from the Carlisle Board of Selectmen was delivered to Governor Paul Cellucci along with similar resolutions from 47 other towns and cities..

The resolution was drafted by the Massachusetts Coalition to Reduce Waste, which consists of more than 45 citizen groups and delivered by the Appalachian Mountain Club, a key coalition member. The body of the resolution calls on the state to reduce waste generation by at least 20 percent and to increase recycling rates to 50 percent or more by the year 2010, to increase state funding for local recycling programs, and to initiate Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs.

EPR, also called producer take-back, is a concept that would require manufactures to assume the costs of collecting selected products at the end of their useful lives. EPR is already implemented in more than two dozen countries to give producers an incentive to design products that are non-toxic and easy to recycle.

This press release was submitted by Clean Water Action.

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