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Friday, May 19, 2000


ConsCom approves Carriage Way

The conservation commission reviewed plans for a 1,086-foot Carriage Way cul-de-sac that will access ten lots in the 23-acre subdivision off East Riding Drive. The Notice of Intent was submitted by subdivision part-owners Brian and Nancy Anderson and the town of Carlisle, which will own a four-acre pork-chop lot abutting the roadway.

On May 11, engineer Beth Schultz of Stamski and McNary reminded the commission that the wetland delineation shown on the map had been approved previously by consultant Michael Marcus. A close look at the map also confirmed that Page Brook is more than 300 feet from the work areas and so is outside the limits set by the Rivers Act.

Further discussion was somewhat muted by an announcement from conservation administrator Sylvia Willard that the planning board had closed on the plan at its May 8 meeting, and that according to board administrator George Mansfield, any changes at this point would necessitate a whole new submittal to that body. Declaring for the record that the board should not be swayed by the fact that, if changes were made, there might be repercussions, commissioner Steve Spang said he was satisfied with all specifications for the roadway and drainage structures. However, he warned that when individual lot plans are presented in the future, some may prove "problematic."

All commissioners indicated concern about a potential threat to what is presently habitat for "species of concern." Comments indicating the importance of getting vernal pools in the area certified before lot plans are submitted brought a cautionary declaration from Schultz. Such an investigation, she said, "would require the owners' permission."

Habitat discussions aside, chair Carolyn Kiely sought a motion on the submittal, since the board considered the road itself to be approvable, and that was the only issue before them at that juncture. The public hearing was duly closed and a standard order of conditions conveyed.

Buttrick Lane application

An amended Notice of Intent for home construction on Buttrick Lane was also presented by Schultz. The application requested minor revisions to the building envelope. Since the changes actually called for 400 square feet less of work in the wetland buffer zone, the board was quick to approve. Just to be safe, Willard reminded the applicants that they were still required to include a line of boulders marking the "no disturbance" zone proximal to the wetland.

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