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Friday, May 19, 2000

Davis thanks supporters

To the Editor:

Thank you to all the people who supported me in my campaign for town moderator. I appreciate the confidence you showed in me and my abilities, as well as your dedication to our community.

The campaign turned out to be one of the most satisfying endeavors I've undertaken in years; I had the opportunity to meet many new (to me!) folks in town, reconnect with old friends, and spend lots of time gathering their good ideas about Town Meeting and just about every other topic of current public concern. We need to have more contested elections in Carlisle -- not just to give voters a choice, but more importantly to stimulate public discussion and education around the specific issues confronting the selectmen, the planning board, housing authority, etc.

My final pleasure of the campaign was to sit in Town Hall, chatting with Sarah Brophy, as we anxiously awaited the vote count. Sarah has sound ideas, high energy, and a great sense of humor. I'm sure she will do a fine job as town moderator. Congratulations, Sarah.

To those long-time residents who may have tired of Town Meeting as well as those newcomers who have never been, I urge you to come on out to the next Town Meeting and see what Sarah has to offer: we're in for a fresh, new approach to democracy, Carlisle-style.

Congratulations also to Tom Raftery on his run. While the citizenry may have differing views on who should be moderator, I'm sure there will be unanimity in welcoming the return of Carlisle Capers to the pages of the Mosquito.

Wayne Davis
Concord Street

Brophy says thanks

To the Editor:

I owe a great many thanks to folks who helped me in my bid for election as Town Moderator. In addition to the many who said encouraging words along the way, or roused themselves to vote, may I also thank David Freedman and Karen Trittipo, Kate Bauer Burke, Ralph Anderson, Susan Evans, Judy Larson, April Stone, Karen Huntress, and Mike and Kathy Marchese for advice and support. I quite look forward to this new opportunity for us all.

Sarah S. Brophy
Curve Street

Civility lacking in Town Meeting

To the Editor:

Civility. We have been reading, talking, and hearing about this concept for some time, and yet, in a recent public forum it was frequently lacking. Perhaps we should add the adjective "courteous" to the term.

I applaud Bob Rothenberg's excellent article on civility and the mention of numerous places where we can incorporate this concept into our lives. I took particular note of his comments regarding the Town Moderator's responses to a resident recently relocated from Watertown. As I was sitting about ten feet away from the gentleman in question, I felt mortification as this man presented his impassioned concerns about his well contamination. For making the unfortunate error of drifting into a comment about the center water supply, he was summarily rebuked and dismissed.

Sir, I hope you have been reading your Mosquito. We are not a town of bullies as you might have been led to believe by Mr. Simond's performance. Feel free to continue to express your viewpoints, even if you don't do it perfectly, without fear of recrimination, in a public forum. This is, after all, one of the principles upon which democratic town government is based. I fervently hope that this style of leadership will leave Town Meeting with the outgoing moderator and that those who are courageous enough to step in front of the microphone can expect to be responded to with courteous civility.

Amanda T. Finizio
Autumn Lane

CSA Book Fair thanks

To the Editors:

The organizing committee for the CSA's Spring Book Fair would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who were involved. Thank you to the long list of parents who signed up to staff the fair from set-up to break-down. A big thanks to the library staff for providing support to patrons and volunteers throughout the week. Thank you to central supply and staff that helped with copying and distribution of flyers and notices. A special thanks to Andy Goyer, who donned a dragon suit and toured the school to remind students and staff of the fair. We are grateful for the loan of several tables from the First Religious Society. Most of all, thank you to the parents who took time out from their busy schedules to stop by the fair and support us. The library will be the beneficiary of over 200 new books! Thirteen families additionally bought books to donate to the library. Finally, thank you to the Bergenheim/Dinardo family for arranging for the visit of Brian Lies, the guest author.

See you all next year! Thanks.

Susan Lehotsky
Susan Mills
Joan Patterson
Joan Popolo
CSA Book Fair committee

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