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Friday, May 19, 2000


Buying a new car

We just bought a new car. I should say that we finally bought a new car. When this whole process started, we were the proud owners of two cars, a 1985 car with over 200,000 miles on it and a 1990 car with over 190,000 miles on it. Needless to say, the time was at hand to enter the new car market.

There are three types of car owners. One type trades the car every two or three years and always has a new car, with a new car guarantee, and high monthly payments. Although, in this town, maybe they just pay for them outright. Some lease their cars, and again have new cars, a guarantee, and monthly payments. Others run the cars right into the ground. We don't even consider buying another car until either the repair bills are higher than a car loan payment or the car just won't pass inspection. Needless to say, our family falls into the last category.

My dear husband finally came to the conclusion that perhaps the end was drawing near for at least one of our vehicles. He said to me, "Do you think we should replace one of the cars?" "Yes, Yes!" I screamed. I could hardly believe that I wasn't yelling this approval from the back of a tow truck. "What do you think we should get?" was the next question. In my sudden state of approval and cooperation, I replied, "I want four doors and a trunk."

The stage is set, the lines of conditions are firmly implanted in my mind, and stated in what I believed to be a straightforward and clear manner. Next came the flood of car literature, ATVs, RVs. two-door models, sports cars and wagons. Maybe it's just a male thing, but what part of four doors and a trunk don't they understand?

Next came a time of research about: what's the best price? What's the most reliable? What's the best trade-in value? (Are you kidding me, trade-in?) Which car gets the best mileage? Do we know anyone with the current car of interest? What does Consumer Reports say? Is there anything on the Web about it (he can't even turn on the computer), etc., etc. I was asked what color I wanted. I don't care what color! And furthermore, I'm not going to look at, read about, or listen to anything about cars except those with four doors and a trunk.

Well, we finally took the plunge. We didn't come to a major confrontation or even tears. He chose the color, and we now have four doors and a trunk. The color, by the way, is cashmere taupe, if you are from the dealership, and brown, if you are from the registry.

Now we are thinking about replacing the other car, too. Wish us luck.

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