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Friday, May 12, 2000


Promptly after the votes were tallied on Tuesday evening, town clerk Sarah Andreassen swore Sarah Brophy into office as the new town moderator. Brophy, who has studied the town moderator role in other towns and had numerous letters of support, edged out opponents Wayne Davis by 42 votes and Thomas Raftery by 95 votes. In the only other contest, caucus nominee Brooke Cragan seized the Gleason Library Trustee position with a wide margin over opponent Lisa Jensen Fellows (358-144). ...more

More than 130 Carlisle teachers, parents and other interested townspeople turned out for the Carlisle Education Forum on Saturday, April 29 to hear child psychologist Michael G. Thompson talk about how to raise responsible children. Thompson began by suggesting that it was a "presumptuous fool's errand" to tell anyone how to raise responsible children and that he could not possibly deliver on such a promise. However, after he spoke about research on child development and parenting and colorfully illustrated the ideas with anecdotes from his own extensive experience with children, many in the audience felt that Thompson had done a creditable job. Parents left bolstered with "Thompson's tenets of good parenting" and positive views on the difficult challenge of raising moral children. ...more

Tuesday's election date marked the day when the treasurer and tax collector positions changed from elected to appointed, according to a Town Meeting and election vote in 1998. ...more

After 16 years as ad manager of the Carlisle Mosquito, Sylvia Willard has left the newspaper to assume the position of Administrator for the Carlisle Conservation Commission. Even before signing on as ad manager for the Mosquito in 1984, she had served as a reporter covering the finance committee and the school committee. ...more

MODERATOR, one for one year ...more

The following text was read by selectman Michael Fitzgerald at the May 2 Town Meeting. ...more

In the wake of a devastating fire on May 4 which tore through an office building near Route 2 in Concord, Senator Susan Fargo praised the quick response and cooperative effort of all fire departments in and around the Fifth Middlesex District. In all, 18 fire departments, including Carlisle, Bedford, Lexington, Lincoln, Sudbury, Wayland, Waltham and Weston arrived to assist their Concord counterparts. ...more

If any doubt remains about the dimensions of the present building boom in Carlisle, a glance at the Carlisle Conservation Commission's April 27 agenda will remove it. The list of action items contained four new Notices of Intent, one amendment to a previous notice, three continuances of public hearings (two of which concerned major subdivision proposals) and one Request for Determination as to whether a Notice of Intent (NOI) would be required. ...more

The conservation commission gave quick approval to three straightforward Notices of Intent to build and okayed one Request for Determination with no requirement to file a notice, as follows: ...more

In a rare occurrence, members of the Carlisle School Committee disagreed about whether to proceed with plans to paint the Corey gym this summer. Painting the gym, along with replacing acoustic tiles and refinishing the floor, would make the gym unavailable to the recreation commission programs for the entire summer. Postponing some of the work until next summer would allow the RecCom to use the gym for part of each summer. After much discussion, the school committee postponed their decision until their next meeting. ...more

Carlisle School Library celebrated April, School Library Media Month, with a guest visit from author and illustrator Brian Lies. Lies visited on May 2, opening day of the annual Carlisle School Association Book Fair. Originally known for his illustrations in Clifford Eth's Flatfoot Fox series of children's books, Lies shared his talents with Carlisle students. The children were awed by his ability to draw quickly clever illustrations using characters from his own book, Hamlet and the Chinese Dragon Kite. ...more

· Professional teacher status will be awarded to the following teachers who will each have completed three years of service in Carlisle at the end of this school year: William Gale, Courtney Graham, Jennifer MacInnes, Kristen O'Brien and Wendy Stack. ...more

The Carlisle Public School staff and administrators frequently mention systems thinking and system dynamics and how pleased everyone is with the student response to this teaching approach. Systems thinking and system dynamics are now a part of the annual goals and all of the teachers are building their systems skills. Carlisle receives a generous grant from the Waters Foundation to support this effort. However, because this is all quite new, residents might still wonder, "What does it actually look like in the classroom? What do the kids actually do?" ...more

The Girls under-12-1 soccer team hit the halfway mark on the season at 2-2-1 with a last-minute win over Waltham. The Blue got the winner on a rocket shot by Julie Gray from the left, which bounced off the keeper's hands and into the oncoming rush of Carlisle's Sam O'Keefe, who netted the ball. Strong pressure was applied all game by Concord-Carlisle, on the strength of some great playmaking by Abbie Rolando and pressure from the left by Ashley McManama and Anna Parrott. The always-crafty Elizabeth Andrewes and Sarah Takvorian exhibited good team passing. The defense was nearly flawless: booming kicks from Sarabeth Henderson and Emily Cote, some great footwork by Julie deJesus, and smothering coverage by Sarah Franklin completely frustrated the Waltham team. Elise Lehotsky showed great poise and effectiveness in goal during the second half. ...more

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