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Friday, May 12, 2000


It's time for Mother's Day again, and I wonder, do we really appreciate our mothers. I don't mean that we have to raise them up on some high pedestal, or that they can do no wrong. We are all human. Even mothers have their strong points as well as their weaknesses. ...more

The job description for a mother hasn't changed much in 150 years. The tools, the resources and the challenges mothers have today may be greater but the fundamental tasks are the same. At least that is my conclusion from my meetings with the Alcott book group, conducted by the Orchard House in Concord. ...more

One evening last month, our son Morgan climbed onto the kitchen table, retrieved a bottle of hand sanitizer I'd just put there, unscrewed the spigot, and poured a big glop into his mouth. ...more

Back when I was married I encouraged my husband to take our daughter to his mother's for Mother's Day weekend. Breakfast in bed was not enough; I wanted the whole weekend off. Mom needed down time. In a complete reversal, as a single parent, my Mother's Days are the few weekends when I have my daughter all to myself. ...more

When asked to write about motherhood from the perspective of a "professional woman" my first reaction was to look over my shoulder to see who the editor was referring to. When my first daughter was born I was working full-time as a lawyer, but after about a year of working part-time it was clear to me that staying home was more important than working outside the home. Now, ten years and two more daughters later, with my youngest child about to finish first grade I am beginning to transition back into more hours spent on outside employment. So far, so goodwith the economy strong and options for flexible hours I haven't had to make many trade-offs between work and family. ...more

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