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Friday, May 12, 2000


Shorts from the school committee

· Professional teacher status will be awarded to the following teachers who will each have completed three years of service in Carlisle at the end of this school year: William Gale, Courtney Graham, Jennifer MacInnes, Kristen O'Brien and Wendy Stack.

· Teacher Sally Watts, on leave of absence this year, requested and received another year's leave of absence.

·The date for eighth-grade graduation has been set for June 16, 2000.

· Only one bid was received for the school bus transportation contract which was from the current vendor, Bedford Charter Service. The bid for the contract that runs from September 2000 to June 2003 was accepted.

· Bids for the Robbins Building roof-top unit replacement were received from eight companies. The prices ranged from $153,333 to $267,000. The low bidder, CAM H.V.A.C. & Construction Company will be awarded the contract. Since this is less than the amount approved for the project last year ($153,700), the additional $15,700 appropriated at this year's Town Meeting should not be necessary unless there are unforeseen expenses.

· The Carlisle School and the Carlisle Police Department have signed a memorandum of understanding that specifies the ways they will work together

"to prevent violence [and] illegal drug and alcohol distribution and abuse involving the students of the Carlisle Public Schools and to promote a safe and nurturing environment in the school community." Although the Carlisle School already has a good working relationship with the Carlisle Police, this document details and formalizes that relationship. This formal communication between the district attorney, law enforcement and school officials was mandated by the state legislature.

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