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Friday, May 12, 2000


In appreciation of the town's volunteers

The following text was read by selectman Michael Fitzgerald at the May 2 Town Meeting.

We all know that the volunteers, who give of themselves, devoting a great deal of their own time and energy to the operations of our town, hold our town government together. Without their efforts, life here in Carlisle would not exist as we know it.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the following individuals who have, or will at the conclusion of this Annual Town Meeting, be stepping down from their work in town government.

Tricia Smith, ConsCom

Claire Wilcox, ConsCom

Rachel Landry, ConsCom

Sylvia Willard, ConsCom

Joe Antognoni, housing authority

Dorothea Kress, housing authority

Jim Slattery, board of health

Pete Morey, animal inspector

Janice Hensleigh, council on aging

Theresa Faucher, council on aging

Teresa Kveitkauskas, library trustees

Burt Rubenstein, selectmen

Bill Tice, planning board

Tom Bilotta, finance committee

Tonight we also have a special thank-you to extend to our moderator Pete Simonds, who after 34 years of service to the town will be retiring from public life at the conclusion of this Town Meeting.

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