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Friday, May 12, 2000

Destination Imagination team almost there

To the Editor:

The Carlisle 8th-grade Destination Imagination Team has raised $2,300 towards its goal of $6,000. A warm thank-you to those families who have already sent contributions. Another thank-you to the people who bought our baked goods at the Town Meeting and town elections.

We still need $2,700 to fund our trip to the World Finals in Iowa on May 24. You can help the team by sending personal or corporate contributions to Rob and Nancy Lyons, 199 Nathan Lane, Carlisle. Checks are to be made payable to the Town of Carlisle.

Rob and Nancy Lyons
Nathan Lane

Old Home Day needs town-wide effort

To the Editor:

This year, the Old Home Day committee has planned a lot of different activities as you may have noticed in our articles in the Mosquito. Among these, we are bringing back the dunking booth. We have a few folks who have already volunteered to "drop in" to help us.

Whether it's to give up dry clothes or give up precious time, we always need townsfolk to volunteer to help. But this year we once again find ourselves in need of another kind of help in the form of donations.

The costs of this day for us are not trivial. They consistently run about $1,500 to $2,000. The donations that make it all happen begin with well over 500 hours on the part of those who volunteer their time to plan, set up and run each activity. And there's the local businesses and associations that help out as much as they can too, by offsetting the costs of services that help keeps us solvent and able to carry through to next year's celebration. Any help that you can offer will be more than appreciated. If you can give of your time, we'll be holding our next coordination meeting on May 21 in the Edna Sleeper room at 5 p.m. Please make your cash contributions payable to The Carlisle Old Home Day Association and address them to

c/o Dori Davis, 206 Prospect Street, Carlisle, MA 01741.

Your time and donations will be much appreciated and both will be well spent! Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Susan Evans
Heald Road
OHD chairperson

Bog is no moonscape

To the Editor:

I was disconcerted to hear my favorite walk referred to as a moonscape in Edward Bing's letter of May 5.

Do I need Moon Sandals? Am I missing something? Surely its chief crime, cosmetically speaking, is in being a cranberry bog rather than an office park. It has piles of sand! Tsk!

It is really chock-full of life. Today I went there, not looking for beasties at all, just taking a walk, and I saw ... killdeer, a kingfisher, redtail hawk, broadwing hawk, pine warbler, song sparrow, too many geese, troupes of Lunar Goslings, some of those dynamic tiger beetles, the first tiger swallowtail of the year, the first black swallowtail of the year, and on and on.

The place is a treasure! Based on results alone, if spectral helicopters sprayed mysterious pesticides there, they were quite nutritious.

George Stalker
Concord Street

Seeing a different Cuba

To the Editor:

I have read and re-read Marilyn Harte's beautifully evoked travelogue and history lesson, "Cuba One Visitor's Impression" (April 23 Mosquito) and I've been mulling it over ever since.

Ms. Harte is not the first person to visit Cuba, hear its gentle, joyful rumbas and salsas, and come away thinking it the great exception to history's grim, gray catalogue of ruined Communist states. Here, she seems to be saying, is a socialist government that works and thrives on the graves of selfish, corrupt dictators.

But as an obviously intelligent and sensitive observer, she certainly understands that, as a bird-watcher, she was observing the only inhabitants of that island who are genuinely free.

Can any of us name another country where 16,000 people annually take to rickety boats and rafts rather than continue with life in their homeland? Could it be that for every person who risks death to escape, there are several more who live on fearfully and miserably in hope that they might outlive the regime?

Visiting the Bay of Pigs might have prompted Ms. Harte to inquire after the state of some of Cuba's "political prisoners." She doesn't report having done so. Exploring such nook and crannies as Castro's prisons might have revealed to her one of the country's "hellholes."

That she saw no one clanking about in manacles hardly reassures me that there is not a pervasive oppression of mind and spirit in that tropical paradise. As a reporter in South Florida for ten years, I met enough Cuban refugees whose life stories suggested that genuine individual autonomy trumps state-engineered literacy and life expectancy in the universal scale of things.

What, after all, does Castro have to fear from the freedom to worship that he so routinely and unremittingly suppresses it? Perhaps religious freedom doesn't mean anything to some of us. To many it is the reason for living and reading.

As for the embargo, I too have come to doubt the wisdom of it. And, like Ms. Harte, I can muster only about one cheer for capitalism, given the crassness everywhere evident around us. But how is it that McDonald's absent, after all, from both Cuba and Carlisle, has been construed as the most representative manifestation of American (or free) enterprise?

I value Ms. Harte's impressions, and I take them to heart. And I hope that, one day soon, the Cuban people will enjoy the liberty of the bee hummingbird and the Zapata sparrow to fly wherever they please.

Gregory Wayland
Acton Street

Thanks from household waste committee

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Household Waste Committee wishes to thank all the Carlisle residents who participated in dropping off Polystyrene foam waste at our semiannual pick-up on Saturday. Last year, we collected enough foam to fill a station wagon. This year, we collected three trailer loads. The foam was transported to the Concord Department of Public Works where it was screened, sorted, and packaged by volunteers of REUSIT (Concord recycling group) and the Concord-Carlisle High School Environmental Club. The material was then shipped to a recycling company in Framingham to be processed into new products. Now is the time to start collecting foam meat trays, cups, and packaging for our next drop off in approximately six months. Our transfer station does not have the ability to collect foam waste at this time. Foam waste must be cleaned, meat trays must be rinsed or they will be rejected. Foam packaging "peanuts" are not accepted. This material may be brought to Mailboxes, Etc. for reuse. Call Mailboxes, Etc. to determine times that foam "peanuts" are accepted.

Keith Asarkof
Member of the Carlisle Household Waste Committee

Senior Safari has something for every senior taste

To the Editor:

Concord-Carlisle High School seniors are invited to an all-night party after graduation on June 10. It will take place at CCHS from 9:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. The high school will be decorated beyond recognition for this tropical Senior Safari extravaganza. There will be varied and quality entertainment including a DJ, magician, comedian, Karaoke, a huge obstacle course, movies, arcade and sports games. Food will be offered all night and a breakfast will be served just before students leave in the morning. The cost is $20 and tickets will be available at lunch and at graduation rehearsals. Tickets are not available at the door, so the last chance to buy them will be as students walk off the field after the actual graduation exercises. This party is the last time that the entire class will be together and it is always a fun and memorable event.

The committee who puts this party together has been preparing for months and could use some help in the following ways:

Boo Butler is coordinating the decorating which takes place Friday, June 9. If you can help, call Boo at 371-1683. She is also collecting dress-up boas, hats, sunglasses, etc. for the Karaoke room.

Chaperones are being coordinated by Joan Ferguson. If you can chaperone for part of the night (no senior parents), call Joan at 371-0510.

Donations are being accepted for this safe, substance-free endeavor. If you wish to donate to the Senior Safari, call Mary Kay Wood at 369-5475.

Thank you for your support.

Barbara Chase
Senior safari chairman

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