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Friday, May 12, 2000

When asked to write about motherhood from the perspective of a "professional woman" my first reaction was to look over my shoulder to see who the editor was referring to. When my first daughter was born I was working full-time as a lawyer, but after about a year of working part-time it was clear to me that staying home was more important than working outside the home. Now, ten years and two more daughters later, with my youngest child about to finish first grade I am beginning to transition back into more hours spent on outside employment. So far, so good, with the economy strong and options for flexible hours, I haven't had to make many trade-offs between work and family. ...more

Promptly after the votes were tallied on Tuesday evening, town clerk Sarah Andreassen swore Sarah Brophy into office as the new town moderator. Brophy, who has studied the town moderator role in other towns and had numerous letters of support, edged out opponents Wayne Davis by 42 votes and Thomas Raftery by 95 votes. In the only other contest, caucus nominee Brooke Cragan seized the Gleason Library Trustee position with a wide margin over opponent Lisa Jensen Fellows (358-144). ...more

More than 130 Carlisle teachers, parents and other interested townspeople turned out for the Carlisle Education Forum on Saturday, April 29 to hear child psychologist Michael G. Thompson talk about how to raise responsible children. Thompson began by suggesting that it was a "presumptuous fool's errand" to tell anyone how to raise responsible children and that he could not possibly deliver on such a promise. However, after he spoke about research on child development and parenting and colorfully illustrated the ideas with anecdotes from his own extensive experience with children, many in the audience felt that Thompson had done a creditable job. Parents left bolstered with "Thompson's tenets of good parenting" and positive views on the difficult challenge of raising moral children. ...more

Tuesday's election date marked the day when the treasurer and tax collector positions changed from elected to appointed, according to a Town Meeting and election vote in 1998. ...more

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