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Friday, May 12, 2000


Motherless Mother's Day

It's time for Mother's Day again, and I wonder, do we really appreciate our mothers. I don't mean that we have to raise them up on some high pedestal, or that they can do no wrong. We are all human. Even mothers have their strong points as well as their weaknesses.

Personally, I have very few memories of my mother. I was in the second grade when she was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and she died just a few days before my tenth birthday. Yes, I can remember a few isolated incidents and things like the smell of chocolate cookies, her Jergen's hand lotion and having to sit while she curled my hair. However, I have very few memories of a healthy active mother, only a bedridden one.

I think that people who have their mothers into adulthood, and even into their early retirement are truly blessed. You know the sound of her voice, her favorite song or food. You know what makes her laugh and what makes her angry. These are all the building blocks to our own parenthood, and when you are missing a piece of the script, things are just a little more difficult.

Our mothers cared for us as long as they could when we needed them, and usually considered it a "Labor of Love." When I muse about my life in general, I wish I had the chance to "Labor in Love" for my mother. I wonder what it would have been like.

Please count your mothers as one of your blessings. Until you lose her, you will never really know what a treasure you have.

2000 The Carlisle Mosquito