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Friday, May 5, 2000


Tuesday's voters to determine fate of three funding requests

Question 1

Approval of Question 1 will allow the town to assess an additional $222,487 for the town's operating expenses. Of the sum requested, $80,000 would be appropriated to the Carlisle School. This would allow a 9.5 percent increase in their budget but less than the originally requested 10.5-percent increase for "level services" due to rising costs for salaries, special education and a growing enrollment. If the override fails, the Carlisle School budget would be reduced to an 8.1 percent increase, and while officials have not outlined specific cuts, they have suggested that reductions could be made in teaching and aide positions, support staff and supplies. Even if the override passes, the school plans to increase fees to close a $58,000 budget gap. (See article on page 11)

If Question 1 passes, an additional $92,000 would go to the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School where Carlisle is contributing an increased percentage of the student body and enrollment is growing. If approved, Carlisle's assessment for the school will increase by 17.3 percent, in line with Concord's approved portion; if the override fails, the appropriation will increase only 13.4 percent. The resulting difference between the Concord and Carlisle appropriations would have to be resolved by the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School Committee and could lead to the first two-town Town Meeting in the school's history.

The remaining $50,487 of the operating override would be allocated to the Gleason Public Library for increased operating costs and staffing requirements associated with the new and larger facility which is expected to open this summer.

If this Proposition 2-1/2 override passes, the town's levy limit will be permanently raised by $222,487.

Question 2

Approval of Question 2 will allow the town to assess an additional $20,000 in taxes for the engineering, consulting and other services associated with evaluating the potential for a municipal water supply on the O'Rourke Farm. Under the purchase agreement with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the town has three years from the April 1999 closing date to identify a location on the land which could be used for a town water supply. The town could receive approximately $115,000 if the well location is identified within this time period on what has been designated an undevelopable portion of the land. Although the board of health requested $50,000 for this study last year, only $30,000 was appropriated due to fiscal restraints. The group is now requesting the balance in funding.

Question 3

Since Town Meeting did not approve the Conant Land affordable housing proposal, the request for an additonal $20,000 in taxes to assist the housing authority with those plans is meaningless.

Question 4

This question asks voters to exempt from the provisions of Proposition 2-1/2 the costs to borrow funds for a new roll-off truck to transport recyclables and waste to the Northeast Solid Waste Consortium incinerator in North Andover. The department of public works requested the estimated $100,000 vehicle to replace a 19-year-old truck with approximately 500,000 miles.

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