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Friday, May 5, 2000

Domestic abuse can happen anywhere

To the Editor:

The most recent Concord-Carlisle Domestic Violence Community Action Team's meeting on April 25 featured a presentation by Mitch Rothenberg, M.Ed., Executive Director of Common Purpose, a state-certified program for batterers located in Boston. Rothenberg, who has been working with abusive men since 1981, defines abuse as behavior that "physically harms, creates fear or prevents a victim from doing what she wants... it is meant to control her thoughts, feelings and actions." Abuse is not only physical, but may be emotional, psychological, financial, or sexual in nature.

Noting that 95 percent of perpetrators are men, Rothenberg claimed that those who are most successful at overcoming their abusiveness are the ones who can take responsibility for their actions. In his groups, he teaches men that even though they may feel provoked, that doesn't give them license to assault or terrify someone: relationships should be free of fear, and stopping violence is a matter of fairness, respect and the law.

Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women in the U.S. and it affects people from all walks of life. Although the majority of men in his groups in Boston have been court-ordered to attend and are from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, Rothenberg maintained that data shows that domestic violence is as prevalent in wealthier communities but that for a variety of reasons it tends to be more concealed, and perpetrators from these communities are more likely to avoid the legal system.

The C-C DVCAT is a group of community members whose goal is to raise awareness of this problem in our towns. Currently the team is working on two specific initiatives. One task is to develop a mechanism for distributing information about domestic violence to mandated reporters (professionals designated by D.S.S. to report abuse of children, the elderly and the disabled). The second initiative is to create refrigerator magnets that will provide key emergency numbers along with general resources in the community. The Team's next roundtable meeting is on May 23 from 3 to 4:30 p.m. at Trinity Episcopal Church in Concord. This is an excellent opportunity for leaders and townspeople to get involved in this serious issue.

Priscilla Tobey
Indian Hill

Thanks for Toddler Playground help

To the Editor:

The Toddler Playground Committee would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped with Diment Park maintenance day on Saturday. The park looks fabulous! Also, special thanks to Alison at Trade Secret Gardens. Her gardening expertise and donations helped put the finishing touches on the landscaping at the playground.

A special thank-you goes to the DPW crew, Gary Davis, Gerald Davis and Jim Proctor, for making a beautiful wall at the entrance to the playground. We greatly appreciate all the effort that has gone into making the park look great.

Many thanks to all our hard-working volunteers.

Sharyl Stropkay
for the Toddler Playground Committee

Endorses Peters for selectman

To the Editor:

I would like to submit, in writing, my endorsement of Carol Peters for selectman. Over the past two years I have worked with Carol on the recreation commission. Simply put, Carol is a dedicated town servant. Several years ago Carol noticed a need to expand the recreation programs that were offered to the town. Carol built on and grew the program to what it is today. Currently, Carlisle Recreation offers classes for every member of our community. Many of us look forward to the spring and fall class offerings. Under Carol's direction, the summer camp program continues to grow in popularity and enrollments. Last summer, the summer camp offered additional weeks to accommodate an overflow of requests. The recreation commission serves over 750 registrations each year and the demand continues to grow. The citizens of Carlisle have Carol to thank for her vision and dedication to these programs. It is with this energy and enthusiasm that I believe Carol will make an excellent selectman. Carol sees the whole picture and is not a one-issue candidate. I encourage you to vote for Carol.

Maureen Tarca
Partridge Lane

Softball, anyone?

To the Editor:

Is anyone in town interested in playing softball once a week this summer? If so, let's put a couple of teams together and set up a schedule. Call me at 371-0235 if you would like to join.

Jeff Bloomfield
Aberdeen Drive

Supports Davis for moderator

To the Editor:

Pete Simonds, an icon of Carlisle's Town Meeting for the past three decades, is retiring this year. Many of us have a multitude of reactions to his stewardship of our deliberations, but all would admit that the moderator has been a presence at our Town Meetings. We thank him for his loyal service, his humor, and wish him well as he departs Carlisle for new adventures.

Now, we are on the edge of a new era. Three qualified and very different people have put their names forward as candidates for town moderator. Each would put his or her stamp on Town Meeting, but few of us know their style or what the new era of town deliberations will really look like. The change is exciting and even nervous-making.

I will vote for Wayne Davis because I know him best and because I recognize his desire to be fair, to be directive, and to solicit differing perspectivesto promote debate. Wayne brings a legal and consultative training to the position. His sense of humor will keep us on our toes and move the meeting along. Humor, coaxing, and knowledge of town meeting regulations and procedures are all part of the moderator's job requirements. I believe that Wayne has the capacity, interest, and energy to usher us into the new millennium.

John Ballantine
Fiske Street

Endorses Brophy for moderator

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Sarah Brophy's candidacy for town moderator. Although there is a talented field running this year, I believe that Sarah stands out as the candidate with the knowledge of the job and the energy to work with the townspeople to ensure that we get the best Town Meeting government possible.

Sarah has spent years on the governing boards of many non-profit organizations. After three years as the elected president of The American Association of Museum Volunteers, she was appointed the first chair of a new coalition of non-profits and was advisor to the American Association of Museumsnominated because there were so many competing interests and they needed someone the member groups knew and trusted. In her work with local boards, I have also seen her juggle divergent interests with aplomb and a sense of humor.

Sarah is also interested in working with the town to make Town Meeting better. From simple changes, such as hand-held microphones to make it easier for people to ask questions, to a discussion of more radical changes should we move to an all-day Town Meeting on a Saturday? How can we get more parents with young children at Town Meeting? How can we get more young people involved in their government?

I hope you will join with me and vote for Sarah Brophy for town moderator.

Karen A. Huntress
Indian Hill

Brophy a thorough professional

To the Editor:

Our town is in the happy situation of having had the services for many years of an outstanding town moderator in Pete Simonds, and of having three fine candidates to continue the tradition.

With a bow to my fellow attorneys who are candidates for the position, I must strongly recommend Sarah Brophy for town moderator. Sarah has given the Carlisle community her full focus for many years, serving in various capacities in the school community, the historical commission and in conservation activities. She continually demonstrates a thorough pro-fessionalism and quiet authority in any group or activity in which she is involved. She is thoroughly versed in the issues which confront our town and is sensitive to competing needs and concerns of the many different segments of our community. In addition, Sarah has spent considerable time studying the dynamics and the rules of the town meeting process, both in Carlisle and in neighboring towns, and is eminently well-prepared to carry out the responsibilities of town moderator.

I realize that for many of us getting to Town Meeting can be a difficult, and sometimes impossible, juggling act. However, most of us can find a few brief minutes on May 9 to cast a ballot and have a voice in our town. Please get out and vote! And please vote for Sarah Brophy for town moderator.

Kate Bauer Burke
Pine Brook Road

Why support Cranberry Bog?

To the Editors:

I note from the Mosquito of April 28 that the ConsCom continues to pour taxpayer money into the Cranberry Bog, now in the form of legal assistance to the farmer to assure him of adequate water for his crops. For those unfamiliar with the Cranberry Bog, it is the moonscape on the north side of Curve Street. This area will soon be dubbed Hanscom Field North (Runway 1741) as there are significant helicopter operations to spray the herbicides and pesticides required for this type of farming.

The money being spent is not for Carlisle, it is for the farmer. All monies from the sale of crops accrue to Mark Duffy. Should no farming occur, we would have even more area for passive recreation.

As long as we are assisting private enterprise, why are we not helping the Superette pay its legal expenses or perhaps Mike Kimball could use some extra cash for

his ice cream stand?

Edward Bing
Old East Street

Ed. note: According to Mark Duffy, who farms the Cranberry Bog, no helicopters are used "to spray herbicides and pesticides." His lease with the town does not allow it.

Brophy would make effective moderator

To the Editor:

Please add my name to those supporting the election of Sarah Brophy as town moderator. Sarah has both the qualifications and the temperament to serve as an effective moderator.

The moderator must work under pressure in large meetings, but also must work quietly behind the scenes to ensure that the meeting runs effectively and efficiently. Sarah has amply demonstrated her capabilities to do both of these things. In addition she brings a steady demeanor which encourages civility in discussions.

Sarah's long-term involvement in Carlisle's affairs have given her a broad understanding of our town and how we got this way.

Please join me in voting for Sarah Brophy on Tuesday.

Ralph Anderson
Baldwin Road

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