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Friday, April 28, 2000


Board approves a repair and denies a waiver for a new home

The board of health heard an alternative solution to the request for a septic system repair at 272 Rutland Street property. At their previous meeting, the board of health had requested that an additional perc test be run within the proposed leaching bed for the repair. On April 18, Jody Borghetti of Stamski and McNary was replaced by George Dimarkarakos who presented a revised plan showing the leaching bed 12 feet longer and more narrow than the previous design. Under this scenario, the perc test fell within the leaching bed.

Dimarkarakos explained that the state's Title 5 regulations would have permitted the prior design which had two test pits at each end of the bed. The soil in each test pit was the same loamy sand composition and it was proper to infer that the soil within the leach bed would be the same, explained Dimarkarakos. Dimarkarakos explained that the logistics of finding a place that works while in the field makes the tests complicated and an additional test pit would have further disturbed the soil.

Builder Dan Harvey appeared before the board of health to request a waiver for new construction on Lot 3 West Street but left empty-handed.The five-bedroom septic system has already been installed but the house is still under construction and has not received an occupancy permit. The plans for the house show an unfinished third floor, but the new owner is an engineer who wants to finish the upstairs for an office. This change would increase the room count to the point where a six-bedroom septic system is required.

"I am not comfortable with this" said board member Laura Stern, referring to the request to deed restrict the new house to five bedrooms. Since the policy of the board is not to grant waivers for new construction, "I don't want to set a precedent," added member Lisa Davis Lewis.

Opolski stated that the board would have routinely granted a deed restriction if the house had been completed as planned, the owners had moved in and they then decided to construct such an addition. However, consistent with their policy, the board denied the request for a waiver.

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