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Friday, April 28, 2000

Carlisle has a new conservation administrator who probably knows the town's roads, woods and waterways as well as any Carlislean. Twenty-seven-year resident Sylvia Willard, who resigned from the conservation commission March 24 to become eligible for the appointment, was selected from a field of 19 candidates, six of whom were interviewed by the commission over the past three weeks. ...more

Voters will gather on Tuesday, May 2 at 7 p.m. in the Corey Auditorium for Town Meeting and it's hard to say what folks will be chatting about at the transfer station after the meeting. Will it be how Marshall Simonds moderated his last meeting after over 30 years at the podium? Will it be the controversy over whether to convey a portion of the Conant Land for affordable housing? Or will it be the vote on the cell tower bylaw revisions, changes which require more faith in the planning board's rules and regulations to determine how wireless facilities are constructed and monitored? ...more

Last week, Carlisle Conservation Commission members became fully aware of the legal and political ramifications the town may face as it prepares, if necessary, to protect its Cranberry Bog water resources. The board met April 17 with special counsel Frank DiLuna, the water rights expert retained by the selectmen in the matter of the proposed Barnes Terrace well field in Chelmsford. The immediate objective was to coordinate strategy for a continued hearing before the Chelmsford Conservation Commission, which is currently considering an application from the privately-owned Chelmsford Water District to install six wells with a pumping capacity of 360,000 gallons per day within the Chelmsford Cranberry Bog Reservation. The importance of this proposal to Carlisle lies in the potential impact such a large withdrawal of water could have on farmer Mark Duffy's Carlisle Cranberries operation. ...more

The Wireless Communications Advisory Committee (WCAC) and the planning board are co-sponsoring the wireless bylaw amendment in Article 26 of the town Warrant. The WCAC has expressed some misgivings about relinquishing power in the bylaw and relying on planning board's rules and regulations to adequately cover the technical requirements. The wireless group voted unanimously at their April 14 meeting to appear at the planning board public hearing on April 24 and present a revised version of the proposed amendment package. They also voted to hold another meeting prior to the public hearing in order to draft the proposed changes. During that meeting on April 20, they resolved many of these differences amongst themselves, leaving two recommended changes for the planning board's April 24 public hearing. ...more

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