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Friday, April 21, 2000


On Wednesday, April 12, a large and, at times, confrontational crowd gathered for a public forum on the Carlisle Housing Authority's plans to build affordable housing on the Conant Land. Residents packed Town Hall's Clark Room as Chair Marty Galligan, members of the authority, architect Jim Velleco, building committee member Ed Sonn and Carlisle Affordable Housing Inc. member Ralph Anderson reviewed plans and presented the Warrant articles to be voted on at the May 2 Town Meeting. ...more

At least 25 homes were threatened by a permitted fire that started on Stearns Street around 11 a.m. last Friday, April 14, got out of control and burned over 20 acres of wooded area backing up to houses on Rodgers Road and Baldwin Road. Units and equipment from Bedford, Billerica, Concord, Hanscom Field and Westford provided assistance before it was all over and Carlisle equipment returned to the station at 5:53 p.m. Fire chief Bob Koning estimated that 39-40 people were involved in fighting the fire and the police department had a patrol car and two officers on the scene throughout the afternoon. ...more

Even though planning board members had finally completed the drafting of Article 26 on Personal Wireless Service Facilities in time for inclusion in the Warrant, their problems were not over. Paul Gill of the Wireless Communications Advisory Committee (WCAC) revealed that the WCAC, co-sponsor of the article, has some misgivings about the wording and may not support it. "They should have attended tonight's meeting so that we could discuss it," declared exasperated board member Michael Epstein. Gill explained that the WCAC planned to meet on Friday afternoon to vote on sponsorship. "It would be very unfortunate if the WCAC votes not to support the article," Epstein retorted. Others grumbled that the WCAC was leaving the planning board to "hang in the wind." Whatever the committee's decision, the cell tower issue continues to polarize the people of Carlisle. ...more

On April 10, the Carlisle Planning Board got a close look at plans for 115 acres off Curve Street which, if developed as a conservation cluster, could garner 78 acres of open space. ...more

At the April 10 planning board meeting, Albert Gould and Betsy Goldenberg continued their quest for a special permit for a conservation cluster and common driveway at Great Brook Estates. This subdivision consists of nine lots (plus a bonus conservation cluster lot) on a 1,000-foot cul-de-sac at 195 Rutland Street. A conservation cluster must have ten or more acres and Gary Shepard of David Ross Associates, identified lots 4, 5, and 7 as the qualifying lots with acreage totaling 12.75. These will be re-divided into four parcels of approximately two acres apiece with the remaining land being given over to open space. Open space must be greater than 30 percent of the three parcels (3.825 acres) and the designated 3.88 acres complies with the bylaw. ...more

Ted Byers of Rutland Street came before the conservation commission on April 13 to learn the outcome of his NOI covering work on a septic tank, pump chamber and grading within the buffer zone. Engineer Jody Borghetti of Stamski and McNary noted that the upgrading of the system was a voluntary project on Byers's part. The location was dictated by the presence of solid ledge. Chair Carolyn Kiely, who had walked the property, said the area had already been disturbed by a previous owner and the proposed solution made sense. The public hearing was closed and an order of conditions prepared pending approval by the board of health. ...more

Theodore Treibick of 138 East Street is selling his last remaining Approval Not Required (ANR) lot and Russ Wilson of R. Wilson and Associates showed up personally just before the meeting ended at midnight to present the plans. The 4.045-acre porkchop lot has the requisite 40-foot access on East Street and another separate 15-foot strip for a driveway out to the road. Everything was in order and the board voted 7-0 to endorse the plan and finally say goodbye to the trials and tribulations of Theodore Treibick and his East Street jigsaw parcels. ...more

In her first day on the job, interim town administrator Madonna McKenzie got a short list of what board of selectmen chair Doug Stevenson called "hot topics" to work on in the coming months. ...more

Citing a need which grows out of a tenfold increase in use over the past decade, Great Brook Farm State Park representatives are proposing landscaping measures to control erosion around the pond and construction of a permanent comfort station. Park supervisor Ray Faucher told the selectmen on April 11 that, although town approval is not required for the improvements, he came with "a hope and a desire" that the board would think that the project would be good for Carlisle. ...more

With many words of appreciation for co-authors Betsy Fell and Susan Emmons, who spent countless hours updating the plan, the selectmen approved the revised Open Space and Recreation Plan on April 11. To continue to qualify for state self-help grants in connection with the purchase of land by the town, the state requires an update of this plan every five years and the previous report expired in September 1999. The town will be invited to adopt the revised report at the May 2 Town Meeting. ...more

Three former commissioners have stepped into the breach caused by two recent departures from the Carlisle Conservation Commission and the almost simultaneous resignation of conservation administrator Katrina Proctor. ConsCom veterans Steve Spang and Claire Wilcox volunteered to accept temporary appointment to the board, while Steve Hinton will sit in as a consultant during the vetting of candidates to replace Proctor. One of the board vacancies resulted from the resignation of Sylvia Willard on March 24 to clear the way for her to apply for the administrator's position when a legally required 30-day hiatus has expired. As for Proctor, she again agreed to come to the office two days a week to assist newly appointed conservation assistant Francine Amari-Faulkner, who has been approved to work 25 hours a week until July 1. Her status thereafter may be dependent on results of the nearly-completed reclassification study. ...more

There were no surprises at the public hearing of developer Bill Costello's Carriage Way definitive subdivision plan. The abutters are so relieved that Costello is building a normal (not affordable housing) development that most stayed home. The sparse turnout prompted planning administrator George Mansfield to question whether the abutters had been properly notified of the hearing by certified mail. Phil Conti of East Riding Drive saved the evening by confirming his receipt of the public hearing notification. ...more

Despite uncertainty about whether the current trend of an increasing school population will continue, Carlisle School Committee representatives urged the selectmen to support Article 16 on the Warrant appropriating $15,000 for a study of school expansion options. "We'd like to be ready to act should, two to three years down the road, the projections continue to increase," said school committee chair David Dockterman. ...more

With expansion plans underway at the Concord Public Schools and enrollment on a precipitous rise at the Carlisle Public School, it's only a matter of time before the regional high school will need to accommodate more students. Therefore, the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee discussed establishment of a high school space study team at its meeting on April 11. ...more

The Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee supported closing off the Route 2 entrance to Assabet Avenue. The school committee agreed that access via Barrett's Mill rather than Route 2, would improve school bus safety. According to data presented by Jim Reynolds, lead petitioner, the vehicles already end up on Barrett's Mill Road, so the adjustment will not affect current traffic patterns into Carlisle. ...more

An inspiring talk on coaching sports was presented on Tuesday, April 11 at Concord-Carlisle High School by Art Taylor, director of youth sports at Northeastern University's Center for the Study of Sport in Society. Taylor presented interesting views on how to improve the quality of children's sports programs. ...more

The Concord-Carlisle Mite-1 Hockey Team captured the playoff championship in their division of Northstar Hockey League, with C-C's run of four straight playoff wins. ...more

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