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Friday, April 21, 2000


Baseball caps, Easter bonnets, the tri-cornered hats of Patriots Daythe hats of this season follow in a long tradition of head coverings. Hats as articles of clothing date back to 4,000 B.C. Early hoods and hats served as protective coverings from the sun, wind and other elements, but soon became indicative of the wearer's occupation and social status. We trace academic hoods and mortar-boards to the Middle Ages, and we associate elaborate headdresses with royalty. Hat styles evolved in response to hair styles, hygiene and even politics. ...more

I hadn't really planned to write about the trip my husband and I took to Cuba earlier this month as members of an English birding group. What made me change my mind, of course, was the ongoing saga in Miami over Elián González, as well as a recent piece in the Boston Globe by columnist Jeff Jacoby in which he described the country as "a tropical hellhole, where life is so miserable that each year thousands of people risk everything to escape." ...more

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