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Friday, April 21, 2000


Selectmen identify priorities for new town administrator

In her first day on the job, interim town administrator Madonna McKenzie got a short list of what board of selectmen chair Doug Stevenson called "hot topics" to work on in the coming months.

At the top of the list is to work with town counsel in preparing the motion book for Town Meeting and to have it complete with enough time for review before May 2.

The second task was to implement the wage classification study soon to be completed for town employees. Stevenson reported that, based on conversations with finance committee member Phil Conti, it will take $15,000 to bring all employees covered by the study up to the lower end of the range of salaries suggested by the study, but it will cost the town closer to $50,000 to bring everyone up to the minimum market average for similar positions. There is an article on the Warrant for the May 2 Town Meeting which would appropriate $32,000 for this purpose. McKenzie observed that, based on her experience, the process of identifying

where employees fit in the classification of jobs, and what their salary should be, takes time. The first time through not everyone may be satisfied, she said.

Another action item is to work toward hiring a new tax collector and treasurer when these positions switch to appointed positions as of May 9. As this issue was seen by the selectmen as part of the larger question of how town financial personnel should relate to one another, the consensus was to ask Bill and Nancy Koerner, the current holders of these positions, to stay on an interim basis until the end of July. During this time the town administrator would design an organizational chart for the financial positions, identifying support where necessary.

Other duties mentioned include keeping abreast of the town's affordable housing project proposed for the Conant Land, following through with the pedestrian pathway loop around the school and managing personnel in the Town Hall.

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