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Friday, April 21, 2000

I hadn't really planned to write about the trip my husband and I took to Cuba earlier this month as members of an English birding group. What made me change my mind, of course, was the ongoing saga in Miami over Elián González, as well as a recent piece in the Boston Globe by columnist Jeff Jacoby in which he described the country as "a tropical hellhole, where life is so miserable that each year thousands of people risk everything to escape." ...more

On Wednesday, April 12, a large and, at times, confrontational crowd gathered for a public forum on the Carlisle Housing Authority's plans to build affordable housing on the Conant Land. Residents packed Town Hall's Clark Room as Chair Marty Galligan, members of the authority, architect Jim Velleco, building committee member Ed Sonn and Carlisle Affordable Housing Inc. member Ralph Anderson reviewed plans and presented the Warrant articles to be voted on at the May 2 Town Meeting. ...more

At least 25 homes were threatened by a permitted fire that started on Stearns Street around 11 a.m. last Friday, April 14, got out of control and burned over 20 acres of wooded area backing up to houses on Rodgers Road and Baldwin Road. Units and equipment from Bedford, Billerica, Concord, Hanscom Field and Westford provided assistance before it was all over and Carlisle equipment returned to the station at 5:53 p.m. Fire chief Bob Koning estimated that 39-40 people were involved in fighting the fire and the police department had a patrol car and two officers on the scene throughout the afternoon. ...more

Even though planning board members had finally completed the drafting of Article 26 on Personal Wireless Service Facilities in time for inclusion in the Warrant, their problems were not over. Paul Gill of the Wireless Communications Advisory Committee (WCAC) revealed that the WCAC, co-sponsor of the article, has some misgivings about the wording and may not support it. "They should have attended tonight's meeting so that we could discuss it," declared exasperated board member Michael Epstein. Gill explained that the WCAC planned to meet on Friday afternoon to vote on sponsorship. "It would be very unfortunate if the WCAC votes not to support the article," Epstein retorted. Others grumbled that the WCAC was leaving the planning board to "hang in the wind." Whatever the committee's decision, the cell tower issue continues to polarize the people of Carlisle. ...more

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