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Friday, April 14, 2000


New members for affordable housing non-profit

New directors have been appointed to a not-for-profit corporation that can develop and operate affordable housing less expensively than the Carlisle Housing Authority. The authority, as an agency of the town, is subject to the regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for public projects.

At a recent meeting of the board of directors of Carlisle Elderly Housing Associates, Inc. (CEHAI), the not-for-profit corporation which operates the housing for the elderly on Church Street, the board appointed five new voting members of Carlisle Affordable Housing, Inc. (CAHI) This not-for-profit corporation was founded in 1989 for the purpose of building and operating affordable housing in Carlisle. The bylaws of CAHI provide that the voting members be appointed by the board of directors of CEHAI. By agreement, the new voting members of CAHI will amend the bylaws to make the group independent of CEHAI.

The new voting members of the affordable housing group are Ralph Anderson, a former selectman and finance committee member; Tom Bilotta, who is completing six years as a member of the FinCom; Marty Galligan, who has been chairman of the Carlisle Housing Authority for the past ten years; Laura Snowdon, a member of the steering committee for Pig 'n Pepper; and Ed Sonn, chairman of the town building committee. At their organizational meeting, the new voting members will elect a board of directors and officers.

Subject to favorable action on Articles 20, 21, and 22 at the May 2 Town Meeting, CAHI will build and operate affordable housing on a portion of the Conant Land to be leased from the town of Carlisle and on other sites to be acquired in the future.

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