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Friday, April 14, 2000


Contemporary Music Festival showcases student talent

The Janet Gates Peckham (JGP) Scholarship Fund again brought to Carlisle dedicated students of Rodney Lister of the New England Conservatory (NEC). Among them were composers Brian Lee and Alison Reid of Carlisle.

NEC teens perform

Leading off with a duet based on mountain tunes, Stephen Shey and Joshua Peckins played with verve and humor. Shey's dedication showed in his facile fingering. He and Anthony Lee traded arpeggios in a Beethoven Quartet as Nel Lewis and Jonathan Deane both contributed rich tonalities and accurate bowing passing the themes among them.

Rodney Lister's "Bird of the Night" elicited eerie images of a floating owl, ably accomplished by Nathan Schmidt on violin, Evelyn Farny on cello and pianist Jonathan Yasuda.

Shey carried off Alison Reid's "Rhapsody for Solo Violin" with gypsy abandon. Reid's fans will be able to hear her score on the upcoming television series Private Universe Projects, produced by the Harvard Smithsonian Science Media Group.

Unusual sextet stirs the soul

Austin Woerner, performing here for his third year, truly triumphed as Nathan Schmidt conducted Satsuki Innami, flute; Souichi Muraji, guitar; Jonathan Gresl, bassoon; David Fulmar, violin; Juliana Lin, viola and Suzie Yoo, cello, in Woerner's "Tale." Rich guitar textures and entrancing wind and string melodies modulated expressively through the strengths and surprises of Woerner's adventures.

Kudos to Rodney Lister

One must be heartened by the energy, dedication and proficiency of Lister, teacher and mentor, who attends to all the details of transforming talented students into experienced professionals. Pianist Julia Carey, a 13-year-old whose compositions have been played by the Boston Symphony, the Boston Pops and the Boston Chamber Music Society, is studying with Sergei Shepkin, a winner of the JGP Prize for Excellence a few years ago.

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