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Friday, April 7, 2000


In response to a garbled phone message, I wandered into Town Hall not knowing what meeting to attend or why. Finance committee or housing authority? I took my chances on housing. What unfolded could have been written by Tennessee Williams or Eugene O'Neilldrama, passion, mystery. Having seen the meeting peopled with great and caring characters, I was inspired to share what transpired with those unable to attend. ...more

What do men talk about when there are no women around? Based on a variety of sources from men's groups in Carlisle, they talk about the things most important to them: work, family, God...and work. ...more

At last, here is a book confirming what every mother knows: boys are very different from girls! In the New York Times Bestseller, Raising Cain, Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys (Ballantine Books, NY 1999), psychologists Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson use engaging stories of boys they have known to explain how boys differ from girls in two basic ways. First, boys come wired differently. In the early years, their verbal abilities tend to mature more slowly, and they are just much more physically active, seemingly in constant motion. Although this combination can make early childcare and schooling frustrating for children, parents and teachers alike, the authors instead view this "boyness" as a cause for celebration. Accepting boys for who they are makes life happier for everyone, especially the boys. ...more

The cold mornings and dark skies of winter are slowly fading as temperatures rise and the rejuvenating feel of springtime flows through the air. With great weather, sunshine and spring sports around the corner, what else could be on every high school student's mind besides spring break! For those students attending public school in Massachusetts, spring break is under twenty days away, beginning on April 17. Though that one odd week may not seem like much, it is definitely needed for stressed-out adolescents in high school with inordinate homework loads, sports and extracurricular activities oftentimes keeping them awake past midnight. Yet for many teenagers, this break serves not only as a needed respite, but also as an opportunity to do much more. ...more

The lush sounds of a Baroque violoncello, built in 1737, filled Union Hall on March 30 in the final concert of the annual series presented by the Cambridge Society for Early Music (CSEM). In each half of the concert, cellist Stefano Veggetti performed a Ricercar (a type of musical essay, or study) by Domenico Gabrielli and a suite by Johann Sebastian Bach. The pieces were specifically written for unaccompanied cello. ...more

The new century is upon us and so far so good. Some of us have been dragged, kicking and screaming into it and others, the younger set, much younger, seem to be making a joyful leap. ...more

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