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Friday, April 7, 2000

Davis running for Town Moderator

To the Editor:

I write to introduce myself and my candidacy for Town Moderator.

I believe I offer the needed blend of knowledge, skills, andexperienceleavened (let us all hope!) with the right sense of humor.

My wife Louise Hara and I moved to Carlisle in 1993. Attracted here by thestrong sense of community, we have both sought to contribute where we can.

I served on the selection committee for new Town Counsel, and currentlyrepresent Carlisle on the Hanscom Field Advisory Commission. As a Trusteeof the Carlisle Conservation Foundation and Land Trust, I spearheaded theeffort that saved the Wang-Coombs fields. Through these and otheractivities, I've learned to navigate the issues, politics, and personalitiesof Carlisle's public affairs.

Although there is no training school for Town Moderators, myprofessional experience should help. I graduated from Williams College andHarvard Law School, and clerked at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.For over a decade, I specialized in negotiation and conflict resolutionwhile wearing an assortment of hats: Associate Director of the HarvardNegotiation Project, Lecturer at Harvard Law School and Boston UniversityGraduate School of Management, and Director of the consulting firm, ConflictManagement, Inc. I now work at Fidelity Investments.

My professional activities ranged from mediating labor contracts, toadvising UN Security Council members during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, todesigning and facilitating strategic decision-making processes for corporateand not-for-profit clients.

Distilled to its essence, all this work focused on the same challenge asrunning a Town Meeting: how to bring together people with conflicting viewsin a rational, deliberative, and sometimes emotional process and help themreach a wise collective decision.

There is considerable science that can be brought to bear on thatchallenge. But there is also considerable art: listening, asking the rightquestion, prodding gently, and sometimes keeping silent. I've worked hardto master both art and science. I believe I can help our Town make betterdecisions, more efficiently and thereby ensure the continued vitality ofTown Meeting as an instrument of democracy.

Please vote for me as Moderator at Town Election.

Wayne Davis
Concord Street

Be a part of the process

To the Editor:

I am writing to urge all Carlisle residents to attend the housing authority open meeting on Wednesday April 12 at 7:30 p.m. This meeting has been established to allow all Carlisle residents to review the proposed affordable housing development on the Conant Land.

I feel strongly that each of us as citizens of Carlisle need to pay close attention to private development in our town, and the privatizing of the process through the upcoming housing authority-sponsored Warrant Articles has implications for any development in our town, not just this project. We need any and all development in Carlisle to follow a process that allows the citizens of Carlisle to have input, ask questions, and be assured that steps in the development of this land are properly followed.

This is your last chance to make sure all questions have been answered and the process evaluated. The next presentation of the plan will be at Town Meeting. If the town votes to transfer land to the newly formed housing partnership, this new partnership becomes, in effect, a private developer with no accountability to residents. This now-private corporation will use a comprehensive permit to develop the property. It is indeed an irony that the threat of private, unmonitored, development is one reason that Carlisle residents preferred to build their own affordable housing rather than give the opportunity to a private developer, yet that is what we are now faced with. The process of developing land of any kind in our town depends on each of us making sure that an open, reasonable, responsible process is in place, especially when the land being developed represents a complex, environmentally sensitive site.

I would like to see all residents' questions answered, and I want the town accountable for the results of what is built. As residents of Carlisle, our influence couldn't be more important. We owe it to our town to be a part of this process.

Sharyl Stropkay
Rockland Road

Conant vote could set uneasy precedent

To the Editor:

Your vote at the May 2 Town Meeting will be a critical vote for the future of our town and its center. You will be asked to transfer a portion of the Conant Land to the affordable housing partnership, an independent not-for-profit corporation. A transfer will give exclusive oversight to the housing partnership and no further approval will be required by the town. From that vote on, the town will no longer have any checks and balances on the future development of the project.

Your vote at Town Meeting is irrevocable and will set a precedent for other town-wide projects of this sort. Please consider the seriousness of your decision and the importance of being well-informed.

With so much at stake, I urge you to visualize how the project will change the character of the town's center and one of our greatest assets, open land in our compact village.

Walk the land alone or join others to walk the land together this Sunday, April 9 at 1 p.m., starting at the Town Hall parking lot. Then bring any questions and concerns that you may have to the Affordable Housing/Conant Land Open Forum Wednesday, April 12, at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Hall.

Annette Lee
Lowell Street

Carlisle helpers deserve praise

To the Editor:

Kudos to the Carlisle students who helped with the CCHS 2000 Flower Show fundraiser. They were there from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. helping to carry goods and assembling the exhibits in the cafeteria. They not only worked long hours and well but showed care and considerable creativity in assisting with fragile artwork, arranging displays, being sandwich-board carriers and racing into town to hand out flyers. They were on the spot, asking to be of help; they were polite, respectful, thoroughly wonderful human beings. Such thoughtfulness and energy in carrying out chores to the final detail deserves mention. They were Meredith Babine, Dante Falcone, Marilee Higgins, Bethany Kennedy, David Kirkness, Matt and Lou Kleine, Jessica Levine, Andy and Mike Mancini, Erik Moseley, Andy Mostello, Katrina Rogers, Zane Schweer, Jen Trebino, and Eric Wallhagen.

Particular congratulations to Katrina Rogers for her marvelous paper cut-out flowers, which were well designed and turned the floor tiles into a garden without blocking light in the windows. CCHS should be very proud indeed to have this fine group of students from Carlisle.

Phyllis Hughes
Acton Street

An invitation to Carlisle School forum

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Public School and the Education Forum Committee enthusiastically announce a community dialogue on "How to Raise Responsible KidsPromoting an Environment of Civility" on Saturday, April 29, from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. We are privileged to have Dr. Michael Thompson, child psychologist and coauthor of Raising Cain as our keynote speaker.

In his best-selling book, Dr. Thompson examines the destructive emotional training many boys receive and the consequences this has on their lives, as well as for society in general. At this forum, he will broaden his message by addressing how to raise children using the positive values of compassion, responsibility and community spirit.

The forum will begin with Dr. Thompson's keynote address in the Corey auditorium. There will be an opportunity for questions and then small break-out groups will gather in the Corey dining room for community discussion. Please join us to share your thoughts, ideas and insights. Your contribution is essential to the success of our school and the improvement of our community. Please feel free to call the school at 369-6550 with any questions.

Kimberly Reid,
guidance counselor (6-8)
Lori Jackson,
guidance counselor (K-5)

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