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Friday, April 7, 2000


Baroque cello concert concludes early music season in Carlisle

The lush sounds of a Baroque violoncello, built in 1737, filled Union Hall on March 30 in the final concert of the annual series presented by the Cambridge Society for Early Music (CSEM). In each half of the concert, cellist Stefano Veggetti performed a Ricercar (a type of musical essay, or study) by Domenico Gabrielli and a suite by Johann Sebastian Bach. The pieces were specifically written for unaccompanied cello.

The combination of the music, the acoustics, and the warm glow of the candlelight in the room resulted in a very satisfying aesthetic experience. The audience seemed spellbound. This was particularly evident during the Bach Suite No. 1 in G Major. The applause afterward demanded an encore, and Veggetti played the familiar and especially beautiful prelude of the suite a second time.

At times, the performer and the instrument seemed as one. The sonority of their fusion, notably while playing in the lower register, filled the room to perfection. It was an experience that could only be appreciated by being there. Even passages with double and triple stops were rich and smooth.

Veggetti is an accomplished cellist. Although based in Italy, he has studied, performed and recorded widely throughout Europe and North America. He plays the violoncello with beautiful line and phrasing, and his articulation is excellent. He does research in early music, and has discovered much previously unknown music.

Although I have mentioned it in previous reviews, I must repeat that we in Carlisle are most fortunate to have the opportunity to experience well-performed and beautiful music in such a fine setting, at a convenient location. Another enticing feature of these concerts is the post-concert reception, with delicious desserts, and an opportunity to talk with the performers. The increasing attendance at these concerts year after year testifies to the quality of the performances. At last week's concert, the president of CSEM announced the attractions for next season. From the sound of it, the tradition of fine chamber music in Carlisle will continue.

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