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Friday, April 7, 2000


Spring Break spells stress-relief

The cold mornings and dark skies of winter are slowly fading as temperatures rise and the rejuvenating feel of springtime flows through the air. With great weather, sunshine and spring sports around the corner, what else could be on every high school student's mind besides spring break! For those students attending public school in Massachusetts, spring break is under twenty days away, beginning on April 17. Though that one odd week may not seem like much, it is definitely needed for stressed-out adolescents in high school with inordinate homework loads, sports and extracurricular activities oftentimes keeping them awake past midnight. Yet for many teenagers, this break serves not only as a needed respite, but also as an opportunity to do much more.

Many students consider spring break a fabulous opportunity to enjoy some leisure time on a vacation or cruise. Hopefully everyone intending to travel has made their reservations by now because spring break always proves to be a busy time of year. For those who have not made plans yet and are having trouble booking flights and hotel accommodations, try the Internet! You can get some great deals on last-minute flight and hotel reservations at sites such as ''.

Over the upcoming spring break, twenty-five students from Concord-Carlisle High School will be enjoying an exciting trip to France with their French class. Among those going are Brian Abend, Stephen Foster and Aaron Pinsky from Carlisle. The carefully planned, seven-day itinerary is split between Paris, Avignon and Nice and guarantees a great time, from a student's and tourist's perspective. Last year a similar experience was offered to the Spanish students at CCHS. Others from the high school are traveling to China with the jazz band during the April vacation week.

Some look forward to the spring break so that they can catch up on sleep and hang out with friends and family - simple pleasures that high school students seem to have little time for. On the other hand, many will perform community service or work for the town in some way, such as writing for the newspaper as I have chosen, and thoroughly enjoyed.

As opposed to public schools, independent schools like Middlesex School in Concord, typically, have a longer break in March. My break, which has all too quickly come to an end, was a very relaxing one with little work and lots of fun. Though I thoroughly enjoyed my break, I am ready to return to the routine which school life offers, along with lots of classes, tons of homework and little sleep!

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