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Friday, March 31, 2000


If misery loves company, it has become clear that those residents of the Carlisle town center whose wells were found to contain varying levels of the gasoline additive MTBE are not alone. Communities from California to Maine have reported wells with significant related problems. At the extreme are towns like South Lake Tahoe in California, which has been forced to shut down a third of its water supply because of high levels of the chemical. In our immediate neighborhood, the Boston Globe reports that water supplies in Lawrence and Methuen recently became questionable because of a gasoline spill ten miles away. ...more

Since all three of their top-choice candidates for Carlisle's town administrator position are no longer interested, the board of selectmen reluctantly decided to hire an interim employee. Obviously frustrated with the void in Town Hall, chair Doug Stevenson declared at their early morning meeting last Friday, "We're running leaderless and it's getting old." ...more

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has informed the owner of the old Daisy Gas Station on Lowell Street that the state will take over clean-up work on the site if the property owner does not comply with the next step in the process by April 21. In December 1996, the DEP determined that the site is a source of MTBE contamination in certain private wells in the town center. ...more

Just before the deadline last Monday, Lisa Jensen Fellows of Judy Farm Road submitted nomination papers to place her name on the ballot as a candidate for Gleason Library Trustee. Fellows will face off against Brooke Cragan of Rutland Street for the three-year seat vacated by Teresa Kvietkauskas. The only other contest on the May 9 ballot is the three-way race for moderator between Sarah Brophy, Wayne Davis and Tom Raftery. ...more

The Carlisle Conservation Commission spent considerable time studying a new Notice of Intent (NOI) to build on a five-and-a-half acre parcel with a challenging history. On March 23, engineer Erich Nitzsche presented a proposal from Steve Cote of Cote and Foster for construction of a house near the Carlisle-Acton line on land that abuts the Valentine farm on Acton Street. The house would be built toward the back of a 2,000-foot lot and would require a 12-foot-wide driveway with two-foot shoulders crossing wetlands in two places. Because the crossings would require filling 7,800 square feet of resource area, substantial wetland replication would be mandatory. ...more

The Carlisle Conservation Commission approved Middlesex Savings Bank's proposal to build a single residence on the former Saint Irene Church lot on Bedford Road. The approval came quickly at a continued public hearing on March 23. The commissioners had explored most of the wetland implications of the project at their March 9 meeting, but were unable to act until the applicant had received a septic system sign-off from the board of health. ...more

Nathan Lane landscaping

Liz Price of Nathan Lane returned to the conservation commision on a continuance of her application for removal of a number of large pine trees that she feared might fall on her house. Explaining that she hadn't realized she would not be allowed to grade, remove stumps and plant grass in the wetland buffer zone, she altered her request and proposed to cut the trees to ground level and plant shrubs. Commissioner John Lee said that he was sympathetic to her issues, but nonetheless noted with definite regret that "they are exceptionally fine pines." The upshot, aesthetics aside, was that the public hearing was closed pending receipt of a specific landscaping plan, at which point erosion control requirements would be determined. ...more

On Thursday, March 23, the Carlisle Housing Authority met with the board of appeals to provide an update on the proposed affordable housing development on the Conant Land off Rockland Road. At issue is the need for a comprehensive permit to circumvent the town's two-acre zoning laws. ...more

With the conservation commission already short one member, the unanticipated resignation of conservation administrator Katrina Proctor three weeks ago has had a snowballing effect on the membership of the board itself. Commissioner Sylvia Willard, who joined the board last summer, has indicated a strong interest in applying for the administrator's position. Since state ethics rules preclude a commission member from applying until 30 days following an official resignation from the board, Willard duly submitted her withdrawal as of March 24, at roughly the same time that she announced her resignation as advertising manager with the Mosquito. ...more

Having heard that the Carlisle School was upset that their request to place four articles on the Town Meeting Warrant had been denied, the selectmen took up the issue at their early morning meeting on March 24. In the end, they agreed to place the article to fund a study relative to future school expansion on the Warrant but will not decide whether to recommend it until the board receives additional information from the school. The selectmen also added the request for additional funds for the Robbins rooftop ventilation units. ...more

New scoreboard

The donation of a new electronic scoreboard from Welch's Juice Company was gratefully accepted by the Carlisle School Committee on March 21. This donation was facilitated by Carlisle School parent Jeff Brown. ...more

The Carlisle School Committee is trying to resolve complex budgetary constraints with the pressures from increasing enrollment and the demand for providing "level-service" education to all students of the Carlisle Public School. ...more

At the end of February, the kindergarten task force held its final meeting which was attended by Assistant Principal Terry Farwell, the five kindergarten teachers and nearly 50 community members. Farwell told the Carlisle School Committee on March 21 that the task force recommended that the kindergarten program have two full and three half days beginning in the fall at a budgetary cost of approximately $15,000. ...more

If you plan to add rooms to your house, you should first consider the role that a septic system plays in your plans. Peter and Valerie Traynor of 91 Rutland Road learned this lesson the hard way. ...more

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