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Friday, March 31, 2000


Shorts from ConsCom

Nathan Lane landscaping

Liz Price of Nathan Lane returned to the conservation commision on a continuance of her application for removal of a number of large pine trees that she feared might fall on her house. Explaining that she hadn't realized she would not be allowed to grade, remove stumps and plant grass in the wetland buffer zone, she altered her request and proposed to cut the trees to ground level and plant shrubs. Commissioner John Lee said that he was sympathetic to her issues, but nonetheless noted with definite regret that "they are exceptionally fine pines." The upshot, aesthetics aside, was that the public hearing was closed pending receipt of a specific landscaping plan, at which point erosion control requirements would be determined.

Concord Street garage

A Notice of Intent from applicants James and Carol Furneaux of Concord Street called for construction of an attached two-car garage within 200 feet of a riverfront area. Architect Chip Dewing explained the family's need to locate the garage on the same level as the house. Since commissioners Carolyn Kiely and Sylvia Willard had seen the site and found no problem with the plan as presented, the commission gave a speedy okay and issued a standard order of conditions.

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