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Friday, March 31, 2000


ConsCom approves residence on former Saint Irene lot

The Carlisle Conservation Commission approved Middlesex Savings Bank's proposal to build a single residence on the former Saint Irene Church lot on Bedford Road. The approval came quickly at a continued public hearing on March 23. The commissioners had explored most of the wetland implications of the project at their March 9 meeting, but were unable to act until the applicant had received a septic system sign-off from the board of health.

At the second session, the members inquired as to whether the inevitable stockpiling of materials could be accommodated outside the 100-foot buffer zone, and were assured that it could.

Commissioner Sylvia Willard asked engineer Jeff Hannaford if he anticipated installation of a water softening system and, if so, what provision would be made for disposal of the discharge. He replied that he had no knowledge as to whether or not such a system would be required in that location.

The board noted that the proper disposal of this type of waste had come up before, but the answer had remained in limbo. The Department of Environmental Protection now prohibits the outwash from being directed to a septic system, but specifies no substitute solution. Sparring for time, the board added a special condition to its approval order and required the applicant to return to the office should installation of a water softening system be contemplated.

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