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Friday, March 31, 2000

Supports Brophy for town moderator

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage the townspeople to elect Sarah Brophy as town moderator.

Sarah has actively studied the position for 3 years, spending numerous hours the past year and a half with the Westford town moderator.

Sarah is prepared for the job, is confident, efficient and carries her own weight. She is a self-directed person and an excellent listener.

I have had the experience of working with Sarah in the past; therefore, I am well aware of her capabilities.

I urge you to join me in voting for Sarah Brophy as Carlisle's next town moderator.

Susan J. Evans
Heald Road

Thankful for Carlisle Police vigilance

To the Editor:

I would like to heartily thank the Carlisle Police for not laughing too hard as they note my float plans each time I haul my canoe into some God-forsaken wetland. My Red Cross training specifies "always file a float plan." It also specifies "never paddle alone," which I regularly ignore.

The confidence of knowing that, if I do not return by the specified time, they will fetch my drowned and frozen body out of the muck allows me to go where no rational person has gone in years. Thank you to the Carlisle Police for watching over she who takes her wilderness adventures locally.

Janet Conover
Westford Street

Carol Peters to run for selectman

To the Editor:

I would like to announce my candidacy for selectman of Carlisle. I treasure Carlisle, and I am strongly invested in our town. I've lived here for 17 years. My children attend school here. My mother lived in elderly housing in the town center. I've done volunteer work for the schools, CSA, Pig 'n Pepper and currently I serve as chairman of the recreation commission and treasurer for the Carlisle Recreation Trust.

My years of work for the town have given me substantial knowledge of town government. I have executed bid packages, prepared budgets, made contracts, presented our needs to Town Meeting and obtained donations of computers and a van for the recreation program. I organized the Camp Carlisle summer program for four years, and expanded the summer camp into a year-round program serving all ages from preschoolers to seniors. My experience with the Banta-Davis fields has taught me much about government building projects. My work for the recreation programs provides daily contact with Town Hall and its workings.

I have time and energy to bring to the board of selectmen. I believe in hard work, researching issues and building consensus. I would like to serve you as selectman working to preserve Carlisle's natural beauty and rural charm and meeting the needs of the people of Carlisle. Please vote for me for selectman on May 9.

Carol Peters
Carleton Road

Library begins fundraising drive

To the Editor:

Now that the staging is down you can see the exciting progress of our library project. It will not be long before we can again use and enjoy this jewel in our community. The Gleason Library's ideal location and outstanding collection are assets for us all.

As the building nears completion, we turn our sights to fulfilling the fundraising pledge we gave at the April 1999, Special Town Meeting. This effort, called the "Next Century Fund," is administered by the Gleason Library Endowment. We are looking to raise $200,000 for furnishings, computers, and landscaping.

Please read the "Next Century Fund" brochure you will find in your mail this coming week. We are pleased to report that the "Next Century Fund" has raised half of its goal to date through generous private donations. We hope you will join your neighbors and us in helping to furnish the library and landscape the site. Your tax-deductible gift will be acknowledged by name only in a donor book displayed at the library. Century gifts of $2,000 or more will also be noted by name only on our Donor Wall. Donations in excess of our goal will be used for enhancing the collection and library programs.

The Gleason Library is but one of many causes deserving your support. Your philanthropy will allow us to provide the furnishings, and other assets that are needed and expected at the Gleason Public Library.

Joanna Gleason gave the money for the original 1895 building. Ruth Hollis' bequest of $300,000 is allowing us to refurbish the third floor into a multipurpose, handicapped accessible meeting room. Our combined generosity will benefit every citizen of Carlisle. Can we count on you?

Teresa Kvietkauskas
Mary Cheever
Rosalie Johnson
Trustees of the Gleason Public Library

Conant Land walk and forum planned

To the Editor:

My husband and I moved to Carlisle in 1991 having lived in Boston for a number of years. We were attracted to Carlisle because of its quaint and charming town center and the beautiful tracts of fields and woods in the outlying areas. We bought an antique colonial in the center of town and found ourselves bordered on two sides by wonderful neighbors and in the back by the Conant Land. Over the years and with our now two small children in tow, we have walked the Conant Land and enjoyed its unique beauty right in the heart of town.

Don and I are extremely supportive of the need for affordable housing in town but would urge you to think very carefully before approving the development of even a small part of the Conant Land. With so many of the pristine tracts of land disappearing in Carlisle, the Conant Land remains one of the last areas of open space that truly contribute to the character and charm of Carlisle. Added to this is our very real concern that any further development on the Conant Land will have a disastrous effect on the extremely fragile ecosystem in the town center.

There will be another opportunity to walk the Conant Land to experience for yourself the uniqueness of this very special piece of land before the issue of affordable housing development on the Conant Land comes to Town Meeting in May. Please take some time and join us for a guided tour of the land on Sunday afternoon, April 9. Most importantly, please plan to attend the public forum hosted by the Building Committee on Wednesday, April 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Hall. This is your opportunity to hear from the building committee and to have your questions answered before Town Meeting.

This is not just a town center concern but rather an issue for all of us who live in Carlisle and care about the future of our beautiful town. I urge you to truly be informed and to consider very carefully the effects of further development on the Conant Land.

Dale Ryder
Lowell Street

Cubs to aid four-footed friends

To the Editor:

Cub Scouts in Den 22 will visit the Lowell Humane Society this Monday, April 3. We would appreciate donations of old blankets, towels, dog beds, nylar bones in good condition and healthy treats.

Please leave donations at 207 Judy Farm Road, or call me at 369-9745. Thank you.

Colleen Walsh
Judy Farm Road

Come to Highland Open House

To the Editor:

I cordially invite townspeople to come visit the Highland Building during its Open Studios this weekend from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to see what wonderful things have happened in the five years since they voted not to tear down the Highland School. The Emerson Umbrella manager, Jero Nesson, not only maintains the building but has repaired and improved the heating system, plumbing and the structure to create a fine functional "Highland Umbrella" for eleven artists.

The artwork is exciting. Great painting, photography, fabric art and decorative work is going on. Visitors can see how the spaces function and talk to the artists about their work. If you have ever wanted to have a piece of furniture painted with memories of your family, hobbies, childhoodKatharine Bell in Studio Six does commissioned work. Imadiel Ariel in Studio Eight creates exquisite items of silk. Here too, are Nina Nickles, prize-winning photographer who has a knack for catching candid moments in the lives of children, and Theresa Brady-Hamill, who explores form and color and has a portrait in the entry hall that captures nostalgia in a remarkable way. Meredith Fife Day's paintings are exhibited far and wide and you have the opportunity to see some of them right here in Carlisle. Please come see us all!

Phyllis Hughes
Acton Street

P.S. I will be there only on Saturday and hope to see you then.

2000 The Carlisle Mosquito