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Friday, March 31, 2000

If misery loves company, it has become clear that those residents of the Carlisle town center whose wells were found to contain varying levels of the gasoline additive MTBE are not alone. Communities from California to Maine have reported wells with significant related problems. At the extreme are towns like South Lake Tahoe in California, which has been forced to shut down a third of its water supply because of high levels of the chemical. In our immediate neighborhood, the Boston Globe reports that water supplies in Lawrence and Methuen recently became questionable because of a gasoline spill ten miles away. ...more

Since all three of their top-choice candidates for Carlisle's town administrator position are no longer interested, the board of selectmen reluctantly decided to hire an interim employee. Obviously frustrated with the void in Town Hall, chair Doug Stevenson declared at their early morning meeting last Friday, "We're running leaderless and it's getting old." ...more

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has informed the owner of the old Daisy Gas Station on Lowell Street that the state will take over clean-up work on the site if the property owner does not comply with the next step in the process by April 21. In December 1996, the DEP determined that the site is a source of MTBE contamination in certain private wells in the town center. ...more

Just before the deadline last Monday, Lisa Jensen Fellows of Judy Farm Road submitted nomination papers to place her name on the ballot as a candidate for Gleason Library Trustee. Fellows will face off against Brooke Cragan of Rutland Street for the three-year seat vacated by Teresa Kvietkauskas. The only other contest on the May 9 ballot is the three-way race for moderator between Sarah Brophy, Wayne Davis and Tom Raftery. ...more

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